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How can this be????????

I'm a Tuesday weigh in and in class later, but I always weigh myself at home on a weekend, just to see how I'm getting on.
Now I know the scales home/SW are slightly different so I just track off my home scales. Before weigh in last week I was 11st 10lbs, on Saturday I was 11st 6lbs. I was thrilled but I had been really good and eaten lots of superfree & superspeed foods.

So I step on tonight before class and now I'm 11st 9lbs????? How on earth can I have put on 3lbs since Saturday? I've been really good, not had all my syns, kept a food diary etc.

Any ideas?
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Did you drink any alcohol on Friday night? You could have been dehydrated. I always weigh less when I've been out the night before but it catches up with me by the next day:(


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Basically you didn't put on 3lb since saturday - it was a false reading. Your weight goes up and down every day by as much as 7lbs and that is why you should only stick to one weigh in a week. Any more frequent and the results can be horribly affected by a number of things including fluid retention/dehyrdation. There's even an argument for looking at your weight on a monthly basis to take into account hormonal changes.
amen sisters...
I got on the scales yesterday as soon as I got home and I had lost 3lb since thursday... got on again tonight as soon as I got home and I've only lost 1...
Your cycle can have a big effect on some people (I always gain a couple of pounds due to water retention), eating very salty foods can also make you gain (water again - 2 pounds up after eating chinese meals for me). If you exercise it depends when you last did that - I always weigh low the day after I have exercised the evening before, but it is temporary. Also, what physically goes in and then comes out again can make your weight fluctuate from day to day.

I am a daily weigher, but I know that my weight can fluctuate by 2 pounds or more on a daily basis, and sometimes I get false highs and sometimes I can get false lows. As long as the overall trend goes in the right direction that's all that counts. I only record my official weight on a Sunday and it is frustrating when halfway through the week I am on for a good loss, then it suddenly goes up again.
I wouldn't worry about that at all. I am going to strictly go by what the scales at my SW weigh in say I am, because I weighed myself on my new digital scales last night, and then weighed myself again a few hours later (because they are my new toy!) and I had gained 3lbs!
An interesting read, my weigh in's have gone the other way. I weigh once a week at home first thing in the morning on weigh in day and then at group that night. I know there is 1lb difference between my home scales and group scales.

In week 1 I know I lost 4lbs but my group weigh in came up as -6lbs, in week 2 I lost 1lb but group weigh in came up as -2lbs ????

Who knows why but its going in the right direction!


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I weigh lighter on a Friday, than I do the next Wednesday (official weighin). Moral of my story, don't get on the scales midweek! Easier said than done I suppose, in fact I should listen to my own advise!

Helen xxx

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