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Green Days How can this have happened??


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I broke my own golden rule last night and peeked at the scales... according to them I've gained 4lbs in as many days!!! :cry:

I've been being sooooo good, I wasn't supposed to weigh myself until Friday but had to look, seeing as I did so well in my first week (7lbs off)

Now I feel like giving up tbh... at this rate I'll of gained the entire 7lbs again by Friday!!!

I was a bit bad last night, and seeing as I'd been hungry all day due to no water again and no ability to cook my rice, fresh veg, etc. I ended up having a white bread baguette with cheese... I've counted it as 25 syns, which I think is reasonable and if anything over counting!!

The four days where I've gained though I've been so so so good... no more than 6 syns a day, on the first day I had none...

Back on track today but tbh not sure why...
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hi there hun I am doing ww but just wanted to give you a big hug and say that no matter what you follow there are these weeks that are sent to try us and confuse us. I followed sw 3 years ago and had great losses the first few weeks til suddenly I kept gaining .I saw it as failure and immediately quit and concoled myself with those M&S cookies the size of your face!(5 of them through out the day) and over a short period put back on all my weight and more. My advice is dont lose heart and dont quit, accept these times as challenges to perservere and your amongst great support now who know what your going through. xx Maria x
Okay, this is the reason you should not weigh yourself mid week. It could be any number of things. If you have been good you will not have gained 4lb, unless of course it is totm.

Keep off the scales, stick to the plan and carry on. Oh and have your syns. Don't not have any - they are as much a part of the plan as the HEX's and free food. They will not make you gain.

Keep with it :)

Mrs V

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There well and truely told off!

This is what happens when you do, you only get depressed, think whats the point and then eat something you shouldnt and then the circle of guilt starts again.
Hun, please dont fret. Just go back on plan and see how you go. You have had a fantastic first week's weight loss.



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Dont look at the scales if they make you feel this way.

My weight goes up and down each day by anything up to 6lbs in a DAY. I know because I tracked one wee religiously out of curiosity.

Thats taking account of:

Water retention
weight of food/drink consumed
the weight fluctuations during the day
bodily waste to be processed/expelled

But I still lose at weigh in.

If you had to gain 4lbs of fat in 4 days, you would have to eat 14 THOUSAND calories more than you normally would.

So ask yourself, have you really eaten 14000 more calories that you did pre SW to make that a real weight gain?

My guess would be no. Just relax and don't look at the scales. It doesnt matter what your scales say anyway its the ones at meeting you have to worry about, and until then anything else is needless stress and worry.

Take it easy :)


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My scales at home say a different weight to the class ones anyway; my home scales are out by about 5lbs. Unless you pay a fortune to have them calibrated any scales will be out. That's why you should always use the same scales to get weighed on.

I'm like you though, I have real issues with staying off the scales.


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