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How can you tell when your in/out of ketosis?

I've seen people say things like "(random food) hasn't knocked me out of ketosis so i guess its ok to eat".

i was just wondering, how are you supposed to know if your in ketosis?

i have a feeling i'm not in it because, well, i feel good.

things i have eaten over the past couple of days:

bacon, chicken doner kebab meat, roast/tikka flavoured fridge raider bites, cheese string, cheese, egg, atkins bar, broccoli, peppers, garlic mayo.

drinks i have had are: water, diet decaf coke, tea with splenda and soya milk.

do any of these things look like they could have put me out of ketosis? *note they were all consumed in moderation*
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Chances are Tranquilize that you are maybe in ketosis! Once you get through the initial getting into ketosis part which can make some people feel horrid for up to 7 days sometimes, you most likely have more energy and feel great! If you're not feeling hungry, feel good and have increased energy, you're more than likely in ketosis. You could always get ketostix to test the ketone level in your pee but they're v.expensive to just confirm something you already know. You'll still be burning fat even when not in ketosis though so it is not the be all and end all to be in it. It just helps with the cravings as you don't feel as hungry whilst in it and i have loads more energy too which is also a good side effect. Just make sure you're getting enough veges though as you'll need plenty of them and plenty of variety to ensure you're getting all your vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy and feeling good.
Providing you stay within the 20g (induction phase) during a day then you'll be sure to have stayed in ketosis. Certain things can knock you out but once in the ketotic state it's usually easy to get back in. I think anything under 60g of carb will most likely put you in ketosis, providing you avoid citrus, or citric content.
I think most of us tell with Ketostix?
Peppers are not legal on Induction Hun
I suppose they are OK if you add the carbs in, but they are pretty carby Penny. Something like 7 Carbs per pepper. but then you'd probably not eat a whole one in a sitting would you love.

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