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How did you choose your goal?

I have a provisional goal of a round stone at about the top end of healthy. As I get near it I may change it, but that won't be for about a year!!:eek:


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I don't really know. I know I need to be in a healthy BMI bracket to decide what next. I have a vague idea but you can't really make your mind up until you are close to your goal.
Everyone is different and even ppl with the same height will look different at the same weight. You have to find the weight you are happy with but it's feasible to maintain.

Good luck hun x


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Hi --

I was at my goal about a year ago, then let it creep up. My original goal was about what I got to and felt good at -- so, this is what it will be again.

My story in brief -- after being overweight for more than 10 years -- I decided to do LL in 2008. I made my LL goal what I had weighed before I started gaining weight after I quit working to stay home with my children (about 9.5 stone). I got to that goal and liked it -- then lost a bit more (9 stone) and decided that it was too much as I am now older and it just does not look the same. I managed to stay at goal for some months, then slacked off on the exercise and started gaining back at about 2 lbs a month (and then had a big holiday gain). I decided last autumn to get back in gear and take the weight off using CD (I tried going back and doing LLL but it wasn't the same).

Now, I want to get back to where I felt "right" and my clothes fit (as I tossed bigger clothes as I lost weight). Right now I have a very limited wardrobe.

By the way, my goal is about 22.5 to 23 BMI (right in the middle of my weight range) -- but I am small to medium framed.

I hope this helps.



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I chose 9stone 7 as for my height (5'4) it really suits me.... im 10'7 now and could easily shift another stone and still look ok ... its a BMI of around 22 ish i think.... so realistically could go lower...but it would not be pretty lol im small frame (i think ? lol)


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My goal is to get back to the weight I used to be at when I used to play rugby, my weight then wasn't classed at the perfect bmi but I was fit and I was healthy and I felt great. I think you know when your at your own personal ideal weight because it feels right.


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I've set mine provisionally at 9.7st about 22/23 BMI. If I feel happy before that then I'll stop, or loose more If I feel I want to (hopefully not though!)


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I got to within 2 lbs of my "original" goal of 10 stone last year and felt that I could probably do with losing another half stone or so. sadly I let weight crept back on but I'm back on cd,and now aiming for a goal of 9 st 7 lbs or so which I feel is right for my height of 5'4"
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Might be just me but coming from a size 20 and 17 stones am now 16/18 and 14 stones, I think I will be happy as a 12/14 and I think this could be around 12 stone ish. Anyone else not able to contemplate weighing about 8 stone- recommended for my 5 foot 3 height?! I dont really care about BMI or scales but want to fit into "normal" clothes... might just be me though ;)


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Hey ghdgirl - I am the same as you. I cant be a size 10/12 - I want to be around 12 stone which is what I was when I met and married my hubby. I was a loose 16 then, and more than happy. People who have seen pics of me back then are amazed when I say I was a size 16. I carry my weight well, always have done I guess.
At that weight I will still technically be overweight, but I KNOW it will be sustainable - no point busting my arse to get to a weight and then not be able to enjoy myself a bit!


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Hi GHD and Jabba -- I think that the BMI business is not specific enough. It does not consider bone structure or actual build. I am pretty small boned, but have wide hip bones and big ribs. So, I sort of balance out looking okay and feeling good at mid-range of my BMI. But, I have a friend who is similar in height but differently built and she would look ill at a BMI of 22. She has large bones and a big frame. So, go with healthy and happy. I am pleased that there are loads of 5'4" people posting on this link -- and remember if anyone ever says you are short... you can honestly reply, "I'm not short, I'm average height." Then add in a whisper, "For a woman in China." LOL So, I am not short... I am just living on the wrong continent.



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Hiya i chose my goal this time at 9 stone, about 18mths ago i got down to 10.11 (11lbs from my target) only to gain it all again. At that weight i was a large size 14, but i would ideally like to be a 10-12. Im 5'6" and i have large hips i thought 9 stone would be the perfect weight for me, but i will see what i look like when i get to 10 stone lol xxx


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I've set my goal as 9 stone 7lbs, I'm 5'4''. I think I'll be happy at this weight but I would love to be a size 10. So will see when I get there. I just hope I can maintain a size 10 figure.:)


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I have just set my goal at top end of healthy to see what I look like them, I would love to be under 10 stone though ;) I am 5'7!


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My goal is to loose 4 stone.. But thats not in easy reach for me, so I have looked at events planned and now aim for those as mini goals. Smaller steps to the main one, if that makes sense..

1st is Easter beg of April - 1.5 stone, then 2nd my Bday 27 April - a further 7lb, then 3rd aiming for May as I have a weekend planned mid May, loose a further 7lb, then not til beg of August 'm off to a Carribean hol which will be the last one, but not sure where as thats a surprise.. and I'll aim to get another 1.5 stone off between May and then.. That hits my goal at 4 stone! Might need to make another one after the hols ;) xx


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I went for 10stone just because its a round figure if I'm being honest - however I do know that at 10 stone (while it would be heavenly) I would still have a higher bmi than is recommended and would still be classed as overweight as I'm only 5ft 1 1/4" --- so I'll get to 10stone and then see where it goes from there.

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