How did you chose your diet program?

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  1. littlemisscadbury

    littlemisscadbury Full Member

    I am really interested in what promps people to chose one diet over another?:confused:
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  3. Sugarloaf85

    Sugarloaf85 Full Member

    I calorie count. It just fits in with my work and life xx

    Currently 14st 13.7lbs
  4. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    I am sucker for big portions, so SW for me :)
  5. littlemisscadbury

    littlemisscadbury Full Member

    Lottiebird, do you go to a class or follow an on line plan? Your weight loss is very good so far, have you followed this plan throughout?
  6. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    I go to class, and have done SW throughout. I do enjoy it as I feel like I'm learning to eat properly, I've tried every quick fix going, but I need to retrain myself and learn new, healthier habits for life.
  7. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    Well Calorie Counting and exercise is a sure thing as it worked really well when I worked a job with regular hours and could walk home from work (4km).

    However I changed jobs and the hours are nuts so this time I add herbalife/meal replacement shake because it is easier to count calories when all I have to worry about is one meal.
  8. skinnybodyc

    skinnybodyc Full Member

    I have tried every diet and every diet pill or patch going LOL .Always go back to weight watchers because i know the plan and i can eat whatever i want as long as its within my points .I take skinny fiber as a way to help my body lose weight as it has so many health giving properties .
  9. littlemisscadbury

    littlemisscadbury Full Member

    Thanks skinnybodyc. Can I ask what is skinny fiber? I've not heard of it before. Looking at your weight loss stats it's certainly working for you!
  10. skinnybodyc

    skinnybodyc Full Member

    Its a fiber filled capsule with only 3 ingredients 100% natural ,You take two with water approx 30 mins before you eat twice a day .It swells up to 50 times its size and so fills you up and you eat less.I actually only started to take it to help my IBS but it was amazing ,my huge 40 in stomach shrunk down to 35 in just two weeks and the weight started to come off.No ibs flare ups since :) .I added it to the other diet forums with all the info on ingredients its quite long lol.
  11. miss vlcd38

    miss vlcd38 Silver Member

    Ive tried most diets and had some degree of sucess as well as failure and i wanted a life time change not just a diet to lose weight with, thus i choose primal/paleo as i feel its the best choice for me cutting out all the processed/pretend food that are laden with chemicals and opting for a more natural healthy way of eating :)
  12. skinnybodyc

    skinnybodyc Full Member

    Im thinking of cutting all that out to ,Not as part of any weightloss plan but because of all that is in the news now .I think going back to cooking everything from scratch myself is the safest option. Now lets see how long i last on this before time constrictions kick in.
  13. littlemisscadbury

    littlemisscadbury Full Member

    Is that the plan that Big Brother's Josie followed? Her transformation is really dramatic. I'm following S&S now but I think that when I return to 'normal' eating I will follow a diet that is made from natural ingredients and unprocessed food. I look forward to following your progress.
  14. melziexx90

    melziexx90 Full Member

    I'm doing the cambridge diet starting it tomorrow morning need to lose 3 and a half stone it's my first real try at dieting after putting on weight trough pregnancy am 12stone need to go back to pre pregnancy weight 8 and a Half stone!!!! Good luck everyone I'm sure there's a perfect diet solution for us all we just have to find what works best iv tried cutting out fatty foods but never last too long I think CD will work because I have will power and strict is best for me :)
  15. becimarie

    becimarie Full Member

    I do SW and I've been at it for 5 weeks and lost 16lbs. I chose it because 2 of my friends (they are sisters) both lost so much on it in a few months and it seemed easy to follow. I love pasta and rice and don't ever eat chips so it seemed the ideal diet as you can eat as much pasta and rice as you want on it. I haven't been hungry at all the whole time and it seems to be working really well. My mother and sister are both doing it with me and we all stay to class which definitely helps! Me and y sister have both lost over a stone and my mother has lost 11lbs.
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  16. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    I chose to start my weight loss process with a VLCD (I'm Obese class 1) to lose a nice bit of weight in the beginning to motivate me. After this I will be following a low GI diet as it made sense to me as a long term way of eating. I tried weight watchers before but found while I stuck to the diet and was losing weight (very slowly) I was still getting away with eating rubbish. I need the "strictness" of a regiment for the beginning. I'm also booked in to do a healthy eating cooking course! Lifestyle change!

    I think you have to be honest with yourself when picking a diet plan. Where are you messing up? What does your diet need to be like for you? Does calorie counting bore you senseless? Is your portion size outta control? Then research. Not every diet works for every person. I'm hoping what I've chosen will work for me and I researched it a lot and considered how I would fit into it before choosing it. Fingers crossed!
  17. chezz

    chezz walk walk walk

    calorie counting and exercise fits in with me and the hubbys lifestyle
  18. Abyss

    Abyss Schwing !

    I've tried so many things, calorie counting ... just ended up eating the wrong things and weight didn't seem to shift, went to the gym every day for about 4 months - hardly lost 3 pounds. Tried a few of the Slim and Save food packs, but they almost tasted too good ... made me deviate for some reason aha !
    I chose Lighter Life in the end because I think I need the mental coaching/support as well as losing the weight quickly. My dad did it before and he lost LOADS of weight so I knew it was for me.
  19. MissMiff

    MissMiff Loving & Losing

    As with all the other posts, I have tried everything, WW,SW, LL, low-cal, Fad diets, the lot!.. But it came to the point where i was simply far too embarrassed to attend a group.. Id even been under the Doctor to aid me, but it just didnt work.. That was until my Mother in law told me her friend had tried the Paul McKenna Hypnotic Gastric Band, id never heard of it before, but it seemed to be working for her friend.

    The next day my mother in law gave me the book and cd, which she had purchased for me as a gift.. Well, 4 weeks on and I feel like she has given me the best gift of my life.

    I actually feel like this is the one!.. I certainly dont feel like i am dieting, yet I can only manage to eat the smallest amount of food..

    I feel alive and happy, and finally feel there is a future for me.

    Its like giving up smoking... you try 50 times, then suddenly, something clicks, and you know this route is the best for you!

    This is the one for me!xx
  20. ukali

    ukali Full Member

    I'd tried lots of different diets, but most people seemed to be losing on SW, so I decided to give it a go and actually attend group. Best thing I've ever done:)
  21. vikkifoster25

    vikkifoster25 Member

    I chose slimming world because I need the support of a group and you can still eat a lot and lose weight its the perfect diet for me :)

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