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How did you feel before you started?

Hi all

Just wondered before you started were you sure you could cope on a TFR diet? I keep swinging between go for it and don't even bother with the info session! I will go for the chat on Monday but I'm worried because I can't see myself coping without food! Did you all just go with and see or were you sure? Do you think someone can take it a day or week at a time? Thanks x
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Hi :)

Everyone is different. But for me, I went in to the diet absolutely knowing I would be successful. There was no doubt - I knew the extreme nature of the diet would take nothing less then a positive attitude, so that was the approach I took - and it did me well. I believed from day one I would do it - and that carried me through. Time was what always kept me from ever becoming the slim person I was meant to be. I could not see an end to conventional dieting with the amoutn I had to lose. Knowing that this diet IS a stone a month lost - you can look on a calander and say "Look - that is the month I am going to be slim and at my ever ellusive goal. That makes it very doable.

Mental attitude is really important.

But - I was also scared to death to say goodbye to food. Food had been my best friend (and my worst enemy) for more than half my adult life. So yeah - really nervous at first, but honestly - once you are in ketosis - it just gets so much easier.

I think it is important you go in believing you will do it. If you going in thinking "i cant do this" you just might not. Ya know?

Like they say, whether you say you can or you can;t either way you will be right :)
Hello Jayde
There's no harm going for the info session. You can decide once you've got all the info whether it's for you or not.
A day or a week at a time is not really doable.
Your head needs to be in the right place to start. It won't work if you say things like "I'll have a day off for my birthday" or I'm going out to a special family dinner" or a wedding etc.
you have to make the commitment at the start.
How did I feel before I started?
I was anxious I wouldn't be able to stick to it. I thought my family, friends and colleagues would expect me to give up. I thought it was expensive. I thought if it didn't work I would just resign myself to being fat for the rest of my life. I thought my health would get worse if i continued to get bigger. I thought about it before i went to sleep and as soon as I woke up. I thought if I got much bigger Evans wouldn't have anything to fit me. i thought I'd be the biggest person in my group.
I used to look at the inspirational before and after photos on here and think, they are real people. If they can do it maybe i can too.

I thought "I've got nothing to lose. I'll give it a go."

I am so glad I did. The first week is the hardest and then it's surprising that you don;t feel hungry once you are in ketosis.
Good luck if you decide to go for it. xx
Thanks I agree with you, I guess i just can't picture it! I want to know exactly what the packs and diet looks like if you know what I mean. I will probably feel better after the chat. I just really feel the counselling is what I need!
I agree, that's what made the difference for me.
Hi Jayde

I can appreciate how you're feeling as I was exactly the same before I started. I'd seen friends losing phenomenal amounts on LL but honestly thought how can they stick to no food and how can it be safe?

But after a lot of research, talking to my now LLC and friends I finally took the plunge and can say that (apart from stresses at work and doing a lot of travelling causing me some headaches) I've never felt better (see the Benefits - Silly & Sensible thread on here). I'm so glad I started LL now as I'd tried all the other diets and nearly 5 months down the line I'm 4.5st lighter and lost 5 dress sizes - can finally say I have a social life and can see myself getting out of my crappy job as I have the confidence to put myself across well at interview.

True, the first few days aren't easy at all and there are days where you'll want to come off plan but if you find ways to work past that then the rewards of the weight losses more than make up for the restraining / distracting yourself (and personally I get a real sense of achievement every time I manage to not go to the shop for that chocolate!)

Anyway... Whatever you decide after your info session good luck with your journey, xxx
Hi Jayde,

Did you decide to go for it in the end?

I am hoping I will be accepted and therefore will start Wednesday. So would be nice to meet someone at the same stage!

I had such opposition too, not from my family, but my doctor even though I have no health issues! They would not sign my form so had to go to Superdrug and pay the pharmacist to do it!
Hiya Jayde,

I had reached a snap point before I started so I was 100% committed when I joined. I had read about the diet in a variety of places but I knew even at the info session that I was going to be 100% committed. After joining back this week after an illness it was much more difficult. I had been umming and ahhing but I finally knew that I could stick with it. It's definitely all about how you approach it mentally. If you know your head is in the right place I think you will be successful and will be able to stick with it. Good luck and let me know if you decided to join!! It definitely does work if you are committed and the group sessions are invaluable!


Hi Jayde, im same as BL I went into LL knowing it would be successful for me. I knew I was going to start the diet a month before I actually did and seriously I couldnt wait, I was so very excited! its been the absolute best thing ive ever done.....16th July 2010 was when i started my journey (been a year now) and I completley finished it end of march 2011 and I was 6 stone lighter! I went from size 18/20 and im now a very proud size 10 (8 in some things) needless to say LL has changed my life (for the better) anyone thinking about doing this diet, id say to them dont think too long "just do it"

I look back on pics of me before and god its incredible, I know 150% I will never ever allow myself to get like that ever again


did you decide to join? really do wish you the very best of luck honey do it and you will be totally amazed with the results x

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