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How did you find out you had PCOS?


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I went to the doctors because i hadnt been having regular periods. I was and still do go 4-5 months between them. Also because we wanted to start thinking about having a family the doctor sent me for all the tests doing which confirmed PCOS.
How did you find out you had PCOS

I found out because my periods just stopped. I had recently had a baby (this was 8 years ago) and at first just put it down to getting over the birth. My male GP was not particularly sympathetic to my not having periods as I did not want to have another child but eventually referred me to local hospital where I had an internal scan and this showed up the PCOS. I was then told that basically they could not cure this condition but could manage any symptoms that appeared. I have put on loads of weight and have now started to get some facial hair but I do not know if this is just down to maybe an early menopause or the PCOS. I still do not have periods 8 years later but I was lucky to have a baby without any problems.
I tried for a baby for 7 years, had lots of tests cos periods were irregular, was diagnosed with pcos. Lost loads of weight and had a baby girl Shes 13 now, have since had another girl who is 4, gained all my weight back ...jolly good was missing it anyway !! Not !! Now periods are irregular again, I didn't know until fairly recently that once u have pcos u have it for life, I thought i'd had it and then got over it, its a bit of a cycle loose weight to make symptoms better...struggle to loose it cos of pcos !!


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i guess you would need referral to a gynaecologist to find these answers

i am sure they can do blood tests to find out

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A professor testing me for cushings when I was 18 told me 'you probably have polycyctic ovaries but you won't find out for sure til you want to have a baby'. A gynaecologist told me 2-3 years ago 'We won't bother doing the scan to check for cysts on the ovaries cos you have the symptoms but may not have the cysts. You will probably need help to conceive which we can help with but don't come back the same weight you are now because we won't help you'.

My GP doesn't recognise my pcos cos my blood tests are 'normal'.:rolleyes:
When i was trying for my first child, 14 yrs ago, I was put on clomiphene for 6 yrs, I asked on my first consultation can weight affect my chances of falling pregnant and i was told no. 6 yrs into the clomid I read an article in a mag in a doctors surgury that said if taken for more than 6 months it becomes counter productive...hinders rather than helps, I also read that fat cells hold oestrogen..think it was that one, and the more fat cells you have the more of that hormone is present. From that day i stopped taking clomid, I calorie counted like my life depended on it and lost 3 stone within 6months, by the end of that 6 months i had concieved. I conclude now that maybe losing the weight which I was told shouldn't effect my chances of having a child, reduced my pcos symptoms enough for me to concieve on my own
Ive just been diagnosed PCOS, we've been trying for a baby for a yr, i have regular periods but i've always struggled with my weight since being an adult. Fertility clinic diagnosed me and they've started me on Xenical today as i'm too overweight to safely have any treatment at the mo