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How do i come off Lipotrim ?


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Your best bet would be doing refeed hun. Least this way your reintroducing food gradually. Hth.
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i came off lipotrim about 6 weeks ago - all my old habits came back with vengance and i put 3.5 lbs back on over the 6 weeks
i was v bulimic. I thought i had changed so much - but the things i have no control of did not magically have a different effect on me to ever before...
i still couldn't control sugar or wheat.
i am now determined that i have quit sugar, honey, maple syrup and wheat.. that cuts out the chance to get hooked on food again for me... in the lipotrim literature it says : your taste buds will have changed: don't lose this golden oppourtunity... i absolutely agree whole heartedly - i am lucky i have stopped lipotrim half way through and got back onto it 2 days ago...
this is the only way i can see of totally abstaining from trigger foods: if you don't think they are still trigger foods try them.


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Yep - definitely read that for starters, so that your body doesn't go overboard with loading up glycogen and water, again.

As for the general maintenance, GreenTigress is absolutely right - you need to figure out what was going wrong for you before and work out strategies to avoid it happening again. Personally, I've realised I need to cut WAY back on carbs (which I did during my holiday break, and it worked fine). I also know that I'm prone to comfort eating (especially a certain Green&Blacks product! :eek:) but now I know that that craving and "hunger" is not only imaginary, but extremely destructive! I will have to tap back into the willpower I've discovered I now have and believe that if I can live perfectly well off of boring milkshakes, rank chicken soup and coffee, then I sure as heck don't need the other crap. All the distraction techniques we use now will be just as useful for when we're eating again.

It will be tough, for sure, probably just as tough as this at times, but you've proved you're a fighter already so stick to your guns. Also stick around on the forums - there will always be maintainers on here ready to help... :)

Best of luck, hun,
Marianne x

(Oh, and it's never too early to start planning your re-feeding meals and shopping lists etc - make sure you only buy exactly what you need and no extras! :D)


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Hi Thank you so much, I didnt know what the story was with refeeding at all. seems high protein is the way to go then,,,, @Peggysue I picked that date as thats when I think I should be at a good weight. I want to start exercising and intraduce a good healthy diet x x x x xx


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S: 13st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 34 Loss: -0st8lb(-4.35%)
im on slimming world now, I gained 3 pounds since lipotrim but i have gained muscle as i am doing resistance training.... im so happy. thank you guys x
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Hi, yes definately do the refeed - I did this in preparation for holiday and still lost 2 1/2lb by sticking to it rigidly.
thanks too for all the other contributors of this thread and for sharing their hears - bless.
Good luck!

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