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How Do I cope in the first week!?


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Hey everyone!

Im starting CD Sole Source on Monday 26th I hope!... Has anyone got any advice for me on how to cope in my first week.

I havent been weighed yet but I think I`ll be 20st and Im 5"9.5 tall so I want to lose about 8 st in total but woul dbe happy with getting 4 off ASAP!

thanks everyone!:eek:
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1st week is tough, first 3 to 4 days especially. Take a lot of baths and pamper yourself, read the threads on mini's and look at the photos, that should keep you motivated. Don't forget the water and if all else fails, have an early night. Good luck you will be fine xx


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hey emma.

i started cd on tuesday and felt in the same position...

i dunno how, but you just cope...

i didn't feel great yesterday as i had a stonking headache (more than likely due to totm)...

but honestly, i feel soooooo good today...

don't worry hunny, you will be fine, and i have sharp learnt that if anything bothers you or you're feeling tempted, jump on here because the support is absolutely amazing...

(they are probably sick of all my questions lol) :eek::p:eek:
yip 1st week is tough but after that it is a breeze. remember the 1st time is the golden time :) i started at 20stone aswell, had a bit of a wobbly time as of late but think i am back on track.

Make out goals for yourself,perhaps go shopping and buy something that you want to wear in a smaller size. i have fat pics on the fridge so as not to tempt me. I went to bed early most nights and kept busy busy cleaning and generally just keeping my mind occupied :) hope this helps :)

becky xx


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thanks everyone! but..........

WOW thanks guys! I feel nervous even more though as I havent cut out any carbs this week OUCH! so I think Im going to suffer more.. what do you think? :cry:


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nah chick...

the sunday night i had cheesey chips and garlic sauce...

monday night i had a curry...

started tuesday (at the end of the day i thought "if i'm not gonna eat, i'm gonna eat anything i want beforehand!"
I didn't cut out carbs before i started, not sure if that made things worse or not. The first two weeks were dreadful, I felt quite sick and dizzy, but i've felt absolutely fantastic since week 3. Just try and keep yourself busy, have plenty of early nights, and keep coming on here for support and inspiration. Get the first couple of weeks out the way, and you'll be fine. If i can do it, anyone can! Good luck!


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My advice is space your packs out, work out which are your worst times and save a pack for then. Also, split packs, make 2 instead of 1, makes you feel like you're having more. The other thing I find that works is to have a hot drink if I'm feeling hungry, it tricks the stomach into thinking it's full, and lastly, just remember why you're doing this. As someone's tag says (can't remember who) Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels


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If you think it's going to be awful you may surprise yourself :) I found week 2 much tougher than week 1 to be honest.

Time will fly in the first few days because you will feel so motivated, and once you have your first weigh in and see the amazing loss you will think it all worth while.

The best advice I can give is to keep the first week clear of social engagements if you can, it's TLC time; lots of pampering, plan things to do that will take your mind off dieting and try not to have anything 'naughty' in the house, so if you do get tempted there won't be anything to eat :D I've got old Mother Hubbard's cupboards here, so there's no point wanting to eat unless I fancy cat food (could come to that LOL ;) )


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I'm going to be really naughty and go against official advice. I coped in week 1 by weighing myself every morning at home. Seeing a pound come off every day was real motivation for me. By the time the weight loss slowed to normal levels I was well into ketosis and well over the tricky bit.
Hi everyone,

I am on week one, actually first day is today. I have been on lipotrim twice before and had great loss but gained the weight again. This time I am determined to keep weight off. I am 12 stone 11 lbs, and only 5ft 2inch, so I am obese. My aim is 10 stone or slightly less.
I have read many of your posts yesterday and today and many of you are an inspiration. You are incredible!
It is great to have this forum.


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Im nearing the end of week one also, I found the days a little bit difficult but you just need to have some will powe. Wouldnt advise stuffing your face before you start as youw ill be STARVING the 1st 2 days. Just rememebr drink loads of water and I mean loads as this flushes the nasty stuff out.
f your feeling hungry have a hot drink.

Im on ss as well my daily routine is as follws. 1.5 ltrs of water in the morning, 1st tetra between 9 & 10. Anoter ltr of water, soup between 12.30& 1.30pm, nmore water, coffee around 3 (get tired around then). Home @ 6 usually have a bottle of water on the way home. Shake around 7 and then more water and tea.

I also weighed myself every day, weighed myself this morning and Im 8lb already, official weigh in 2moro morning. This just motivated me to keep on going!


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Hi Emma , Im Emma too and im also on ss. I started at 21.8 !! I would def advise you to drink lots of water - if does help to fill you up. Good luck with your weightloss xx


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It is tough but do drink lots of water, split your packs into 2 if you're really feeling the hunger, have early nights. I got headaches on day 2/3 but a couple of paraceetamol and lots of water helped.

Good luck with the start!


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I'm going to be really naughty and go against official advice. I coped in week 1 by weighing myself every morning at home. Seeing a pound come off every day was real motivation for me. By the time the weight loss slowed to normal levels I was well into ketosis and well over the tricky bit.
I too weigh every morning. Sure, some days the scales don't move but generally they do and it feels great!

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