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No loss in first week, feeling gutted

Hi all,

I suppose I'm just after a bit of moral support. I joined SW last week for the second time and weighed in at the heaviest I've ever been - 16.5 stone. I was gutted but determined.

Last time I did SW I lost 5lbs the first week and didn't even follow it properly - i.e. I didn't weigh anything, didn't accurately count syns.

This time I've followed it to the book and I lost nothing. My consultant looked at my diary and said it was perfect.

I walked home from the meeting sobbing. I'm getting married in April and this is really my last chance to ger this weight off. I want to lose 4 stone.

Everyone keeps saying I will have a good loss in second week but I don't feel different in myself. I'm having 10-15 syns a day, 1/3 of plate super free, drinking enough water etc. Where am I going wrong?
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Hiya! I'm sorry you had to go home so upset. Did your consultant offer any insight into why she thought you might not have lost?
The consultant was lovely and very sympathetic, but she went through my food diary and agreed that I had done everything by the book and there was nothing wrong. She just said it was unusual but to stick with it and hope for a bigger loss next week.

I walk at least 15,000 steps a day with my dogs, and I swim. I follow SW to the letter. I can't understand it :(
It does seem unusual. Maybe try SP this week. It ups your speed and protien, but you can still have your hexs, syns, and free food. I'd be wary of doing things like cutting syns as it'd take any flexibility and enjoyment out of the plan.

How did you feel in yourself the first week?
I have to say I didn't actually feel any different in myself. I wasn't hungry, I wasn't full. Usually I feel 'lighter' when I diet but I did feel the same come weigh in day, but I expected a loss at least.

I do have a thyroid problem which can make it hard, but it's under control with medication so I can't blame that.

I didn't know whether anyone else had experienced this sort of thing. I've paid up for 6 weeks so I'm going to stick with it, but if I don't lose at least 7lbs in those 6 weeks I'll start to wonder whether it's working for me. I have to lose 1.4lbs a week on average to hit goal weight before my wedding, so I've got a good marker!
You could always post on here as a food diary, and someone may pick up on something. I know there are a few members with thyroid issues too.

Deffo let us know how you get on at the next WI. Does your group have a closed fb page or anything? Mine does, and it's a really good tool for support and ideas, especially if it's quiet on here :)
Thanks for your support. I just needed to get it out I've been so so upset about it. Next weigh in is Wednesday so just going to stick to it and hope that it comes off. I was actually following the plan for 3 days before I even went to be weighed, so I'd been on SW for 10 days and lost nothing!

I'll share a couple of days of my food diary – I'd be so grateful of any constructive feedback!

B: 40g porridge oats (HExB) with 350ml skimmed milk (used in porridge and coffee) and strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
L: 3x egg omelette made with leftover milk, mushrooms, bacon medallions (no fat), sweetcorn and a tbsp of fat-free cottage cheese (cooked in Frylight)
D: Chicken breast with cabbage, peas and new potatoes
S: Melon, pineapple, glass of white wine (10 syns)

B: 50g All Bran (HExB) with 350ml skimmed milk (used on cereal and coffee) and strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
L: Sushi pack (6 syns) with edemame beans
D: Seabass with jasmine rice and asparagus
S: Melon, tangerine, apple, popcorn (3 syns)

B: 40g All Bran Crunch (HExB) with 350ml skimmed milk (used on cereal and coffee) and strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
L: Bolognese made with Quorn mince + carrots, tomatoes, onions etc. Wholewheat spaghetti.
D: Jacket potato with baked beans and handful of salad with tomatoes
S: Milka chocolate (7 syns)
Food diary looks great! Lots of super speed and using your syns well. I weigh on a Weds as well. Fingers crossed you get a great loss :watermelon:


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Are your on your monthlies? Or due them? Have you increased you exercise this week? Both of the above can make your body hold on to water. I know it's gutting when you have a bad week but hang on in there and see what your second weigh in brings. Xx
It could be a number of things, keep sticking at it and you will see some good losses. You've done it before so know it works.

I've kind of had the same, I've been back on slimming world since Jan and have lost a stone, but I haven't been doing it 100% and from about March time I kept losing the same lbs and putting them back on again... so for the past 3 weeks I have been 100% and lost nothing. It's been gutting and one of those weeks was star week, but I honestly don't understand the others. However, I am going to stick with it as I know it works, I'm hoping it's water retention or something and I'm just going to keep on going. I go on holiday soon and really wanted to be a certain weight for that... when I get back if I'm still not losing I will have to look at changing things up again, but it's frustrating as I know it worked last time round and I'm doing it the same.

Anyway sorry didn't mean to go off on one about me, but I just wanted you to know you're not alone... but it will show eventually don't worry. I'm sure you'll look fantastic for your wedding.


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Dino, have you tried throwing in some SP days? They always worked for me before when my losses slowed down. X


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SP is just the same as extra easy, except you fill half of your plate with speed food and the rest with protein, staying away, if you can, from other non-speed free foods. It's basically high protein, low calorie and low carbs. Even if you just throw a day or two in an extra easy week it makes a difference. :)
Hi all – I only just spotted your other comments so thank you so much for replying!

It's weigh in tonight and I'm dreading it to be honest. I feel different in myself this week so I'm hoping for a good loss. At least 3lbs would mean I'm on track to get down to my GW for my wedding (I worked out I need to lose 1.4lbs a week to get there in time!). To be honest though, the work I've put in these last two weeks I would have expected to have lost 7lbs by now but I guess I'll have to wait and see.

This week I've been trying to limit my syns but I feel like I've been eating more. Rahter than have squares of chocolate in the evening for 7 syns, I've been making SW chocolate mousse with quark and frommage frais and low cal hot choc powder which works out around 1 syn. I've also been to the gym 4 times – running 5k on treadmill and swimming 1000m each time!

My time of the month is like clockwork around 22nd of every month, so I'd be surprised if that hindered last week's loss. It could potentially hinder this week's though which worries me even more :( Agh!

Hope you manage to shift some of the weight this week Dina. I've got a 6 week course and tonight is my third week so that's keeping me going, but to be honest if I reach the end of it and haven't lost at least 10lbs I think I'll try something else.
You might want to be careful if you're exercising a lot you might want to have closer to the 15 syns rather than 5. I don't lose if I have low syns every day. I remember when my consultants told me to have the full 15 I was adamant I was going to gain that week, but tried it to prove a point but they were right and I had a really good loss that week. I always try to have between 10 and 15 a day now (unless I'm doing weekly syns, but even then I have at least 5 a day) Good luck for WI this week anyway. Getting to your goal weight for your wedding is very do-able and you sound very focused.

Thank you, I've re-looked at my weights and this half term (so around 7 weeks) I have actually lost half a stone... so not as bad as what I thought. I really need to start focusing on the bigger picture and looking at weight loss over an amount of time rather than just each week.
I also finish my first ever week at Slimming World last night and lost all of 1/5lb. I have no idea what my consultant may think as I ran out of there in tears. It was incredibly disheartening after being so conscientious during the week, we even had 10 friends round for a BBQ and I stuck to my diet. I think I may need to eat more fibre = I have eaten too many eggs (I'll say no more there) and I think I need to get closer to my syns limit as I am way below.

Fingers crossed next week is better.
You might see a bigger loss next week instead, sometimes it takes a while for our bodies to show what work we've put in but that doesn't have to be a bad thing. I try to look at the bigger picture and try to look at loss over the month instead of weekly. It is hard though and I have been known to moan about not shifting weight from week to week.

Good luck next week

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