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How do I deal with all the haters!!!!!!!!!

Yes I have and still do and I'm over 6 weeks into the diet. I know it's hard as they're reactions are hurtful, but ignore them. I have just kept in my mind my goals and I don't care what they think, I feel that with every day that goes by and with every lb I lose, I'm proving them wrong!!!

My hubby is great and so are most people, but there are a few that I can see eying me up every time I see them. They always ask about the diet too!!! which I find strange as then their reaction is negative, so I tend now to say its fine and change the subject quickly.

You'll be fine and everyone on minimins will offer you support and good advice too!

Take care and remember all us miniminners are behind you all the way:D

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Nope - to be honest, when you are super morbidly obese (which so many of us on here started out as) I doubt anyone would have said that to us!!

I suppose it all depends on how much you have to lose, how you carry your weight and how nice those around you are!

There are always going to be those who will poo-poo any kind of weight loss programme whether it's SSing or WW, SW, Atkins.. whatever. If this is the way YOU choose to address your weight issues then you simply need to say to those around you - "well, you know what, I'm going to give it my best shot and see what happens...and would really value your support." and see what response you get.

As for the cost - when was the last time your friends spent only £35 on a weeks worth of food? Exactly.. so.. that blows that one out of the water... PLUS.. you have more time to do things as you aren't constantly in the kitchen and doing loads of washing up!

If you have a sensible and responsible CDC she/ he wouldn't let you SS unless you had sufficient to lose anyway.. so.. your friends are nuts! lol You're the sane one! :D Good luck - dunno how much you need to lose, but whatever it is, I hope you get there in the end.. with or without said 'friends' :D


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Hi Amazing Some of my so called friends are like that too, very negative about CD and really try to sabotage my diet ~ ie eating around me putting choc and biscuits on my desk and saying things like we are having this do you want some etc etc
One of my friends took great delight in telling me that my hair will fall out and that I will die (silly sod) I spoke to Ann (westhills) my CDC and she of course reassured me and said alot of things are said in jealousy
My hubby and some of my other friends are amazing and supportive so I am just taking the rough with the smooth
Its hard enough to do this diet with people putting you off though
I just keep looking at the big picture and take a year out of my life to change forever
Good luck with your journey and "up yours" to the haters


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I just told people who pulled faces that my doctor had recommended that i follow the plan, and i wasnt going to argue with medical advice.
No - I haven't had that problem at all ! Most people tell me how much better i look now (finally getting noticed after 3 stone down!). Some have asked for details of the diet or expressed admiration that I've stuck to it!


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When I started on my CD journey, I had a few negative comments (its a fad, won't work, you will put it back on again etc) but to be honest that only made me more determined to lose the weight and prove them wrong.

One guy was very neg about it and I saw him last weekend. He came in really proud that he had lost 3kg on some diet plan, I worked out that I had lost 16+kg and had great delight in telling him:D

Also a few of the negatives that I know have now joined the plan too as they were so impressed with my loss.

Your OH supporting you is fantastic, my H2B joined with me so I also had that support and as for the others - maybe they are just jealous because you are doing something about your weight and they will soon be the "fat" friend???? Just guessing there - sorry.:eek:

Good luck with everything


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I had mostly positive but a few negative ones and lot of people worrying about the decision. but now 10 weeks in they can see how great it is and how it's working and how I am feeling great and they are all taking it back. in fact one friend even apologised this week for being so judgemental.

I say just stick to your guns and ignorethe negatives and absorb the positives - time will show them it works
I started Lighter life last January weighing over 16 stone with a BMI of 38. All I got was its too drastic, you will put it all back on, you will not be able to do it. I got pity in restaurants even though I sailed through and never cheated once, it seemed more difficult for the people I went out with than for me. Once I lost three stone, everyone kept telling me how good I looked. At 11 stone last year, all my in laws and "friends" convinced me i did not need to lose any more, even though I was a stone short of my target I stopped due to the peer pressure, and because I had done 6 months solid. At Xmas I weighed in at 12 stone 4lb, so had put a bit back on, and when I found Ann (Westhills), all my in laws tried to convince me I was mad, and did not need to lose more weight despite my BMI being 28.
The long and short of it is, that once I decided again that I wanted to lose more, I have not faltered and have now lost almost a stone, and fully intend to keep going until I am happy.
I know with my in laws it was a case of the women in the family always seeing me as "the fat one" so to them I do look slim now, but not as slim as I want, so it has to be what you want to do.

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