How do I edit my tracker?


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Hmmm... Just thought about updating my tracker but when I looked at it it's all wrong anyway so need to change it proper! :rolleyes:

Do I have to make a new one and delete this then paste new one or is there an easier way?

Jeanie x
Don't you just click on the tracker in your reply, and then edit the details ...... that's what I just did with mine.

Go back to Ticker Factory website, then to the Weight Loss section. You'll be able to edit your starting weight, current weight and target weight there.

Once you've done that, hit 'Next' and copy/paste the BBCode into your Edit Signature area under your User CP here on Minimins.

I hope that works - but if you can't manage to change it, I'll do it for you next week when I see you :)
I just checked with mine:
Click Ticker in reply
Click Back
Edit Details
Click Next
Copy code and paste