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    Hey girlsA bit of an introduction. I'm getting married at the end of August 2008, and although my fiance says he loves me, I feel horrible and uncomfy and bulging and fat. I am constantly tired, not suprising as I am about 3stone overweight. :(Up until i got engaged last Xmas i was always about 12stone, a curvy but comfy size 14. I had every intention of losing a little for my big day, but lo and behold I've managed to put just over a stone on!!! I am now a size 16 (in denial, still squeezing into my 14s and refusing to allow myself to become comfy as a 16), which I know isn't massive, but on my 5'4" frame feels big, and I am finding my day to day life (Which is very active) a massive strain. I tried slimming world, and lasted a few weeks, lost 13lbs, but found it so hard being organised and planning my shopping so that I always had lots of fresh fruit etc for snacking. It also ended up being bloody expensive!!I have looked into CD & LL but live a bit out in the sticks, so no councillors near me. I presumed lipotrim was some kind of faddy pill you could buy from the states (Don't ask why I thought that, I have no idea!!), but I am genuinely interesting in the pharmacist program as the tiny pharmacy in my town is listed on the website. Yay!!So, how do I get started? Do you need to phone and book appointments, or do you generally just walk in? I am so determined not to be a fat bride, especially as I need to order my wedding dress in November!!
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    God, sorry, but the computer had omitted all of my paragraphs!
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    Hi Pony Pony (Great name) just give the chemist a phone and tell them you want to start LT. You are supposed to watch a induction DVD before you start and you can access this on the website or they should lend you a copy of it. If you borrow it you will not beable to start LT until you have watched the DVD and given it back. It really is a great diet that actually works and quickly!!! Im sure it will have you looking and feeling alot better about yourself in no time!!
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    I've struggled with all the other diets:break_diet:like you say the shopping for food! AAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH:eek:

    I've been on lipotrim since Saturday. These first few days are supposed to be the most difficult, but I'm sailing through them. I also have 3 stone to lose. I pretty much sound the same as you. I'm a size 16 and am 5 ft 5.

    I know this week has been a good week weight wise. I'm not saying until I get officially weighed at the Chemist on Friday, but I know I've had a good week. Other diets just didn't work for me, but all the work is done for you on this diet. You just have your three packs and dont have to think about it.

    Will power.........that's what you need. You have to be in the right frame of mind, but if you are determined you WILL LOSE weight and as you can see from people like Elle and ICEMOOSE you will lose LOTS! This site will keep you on the straight and narrow so make sure to check in daily and get your boost.

    Good luck.

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    I just turned up to my local chemist that, after finding out what days they did the diet.....then filled out forms and got weighed...but it was pointless as there scales didnt register my weight as I was over the
    Thankfully I went to the drs the day before to see if it was possible to get lipotrim from them.
    He tried to give me xenical again but refused as they didnt work for me.

    Good luck
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    Hi, welcome and congrats on the coming wedding!

    I just turned up at the chemist, told them I had watched the video online (has anyone got the link?), so no need to borrow theirs, and got started straight away. And that's the thing I liked about LT, no need to make appointments and get that sort of disturbance in your life, you go whenever suits you best.

    HTH and good luck!
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    Best of luck with will have lost your weigh in 4 months or less....well in time for your big day....
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