How do I know when I am in Ketosis


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It can take three to four days to get into ketosis.

You might notice your tongue looks a bit furry and sometimes ketones can be detected on your breath...this is only temporary and can be reduced by adequate water intake and mouth rinsing with a mouthwash ie Oraldene or plain Listerine.

Also the best bit about going into ketosis is that your hunger will be greatly reduced and some get a feeling of well-being.

If you are following the diet correctly you will go into ketosis.


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ive just got through day one!! goood luck :) x
Hey guys i am a veterinary nurse so i did a cheeky dip stick on my urine!
Im in ketosis!!! Woooo. Lol.
I dont feel hungry but i am craving food ..
Weird. Oh well ... Day 3 today


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One thing to remember and that I found helped me enormously is that once you have managed to complete the 1st 7 days and then you have the weigh in and you find that you have lost anywhere between 7-15lbs the high that gives you is better than anything else.