How Do I Make The Husk Thingy


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Kazz sent me the link but I really still don't know how to make the porriage - Doi need to blend it or can i put it my shaker and then add the Husk and stir it in !!!!!!

Thanks in advance

Nicola :cool:
OK Nicola. This is how you do it.

Use 300ml of HOT water (not boiling) and blend in whatever flavour shake you want to use with a blender in the usual way (Toffee & Walnut, Vanilla and chocolate all work well)

Pour the hot shake into a bowl.

Add 2 heaped dessertpoons of PH on top of the liquid and using either a fork or a balloon whisk, stir briskly.

At first it will seem lumpy but keep at it and it becomes smooth.

Leave it for about a minute to settle. I like to add a little cinnamon powder to mine for extra flavour. Then eat and enjoy! :)

We call it 'porrige' but the consistancy will be more like thick semolina. Just so you know you've got it right.
Hi Nicola, I usually mix the husk with my shake powder, pour the water into the blender and put my mixture in on top of it, then whizz for a few seconds....dont do it for too long though otherwise you just get 'gloop'

Maybe try doing half a pack til you get the consistency right?

OMG - That was the most vile thing i've every tasted - it tasted like how a health food smells!!!!!!! WTF :eek:

Am i doing somnething wrong or it a required taste :confused: !!!!
What flavour shake did you use?

I suppose it could well be an acquired taste (it's not exactly Quaker oats) but I like it - I know some people just can't get thier heads around the consistancy.

I've just had my second shake of the day with 2tsp of PH in it ... I don't think I could drink it without now! :)

What was it you didn't actually like? The taste itself or the consistancy? I can't actually taste the husks themselves when they're mixed in with a pack - just the flavour of the shake / soup. Maybe you have mega-sesntive taste buds!

If it's not for you, there are PH capsules available from Holland and Barrett.