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How Do I...


Wondering to gain wisdom
You should be able to buy ketostix from your local chemist.

Are you sure you are really hungry, and not just bored/missing the act of eating food?


Serial Foodie!
i often feel hungry when in ketosis but u soon learn its emotional hunger or just missing the habit of chewing. u know when u r in ketosis when u wake up with a furry tongue and foul breath and no matter what u do, u feel colder than everyone around u.

i would assume if u arent in ketosis already then it will most likely be by tonight/tomorrow. maybe as late as the following day but most likely already in it or on the verge.

when u buy ketostix, i would consider saying u r diabetic if the chemist asks u why u want them. they r really weird about it sometimes.

Thanks both.

Ketostix? What do you do with them? Pee on them? And they tell you if your in ketosis? Excellent. I'll have to get some of those! Wonder if the pharmacy in Tesco will have them? I feel a recce coming on!

You're both probably partly right - I am missing eating -I'm a real foodie in terms of loving the texture of foods, so not shovelling food in my mouth is really hard! And I want to CHEW! Can't wait til I can try the bars! But a tuna mayo sarnie is what my mouth wants right now!!

As for being cold - I'm ALWAYS cold LOL. Even on holiday, in 85 degress I was pulling on a cardie and asking for the A/C to be turned off! I've always been the same. Cold soul me. Warm heart though :p

I've got a faintly funny taste in my mouth, metallicy, but I don't know if I'm imagining that because I'm so keen for ketosis t kick in! Its probably wishful thinking! Maybe I should start breathing on people and see if they complain about my foul breath??? LOL :eek:

I'm going to go and walk around the business park for a while. Get some exercise and not have to watch my colleagues stuff their faces.....



Serial Foodie!
if u have metalic taste then u r in ketosis.

sorry should clarify about the stix. u get a pack of 50 for about £5-£6 and u keep them stored as per the instruction. u do pee on them. there is a colour guide on the side of the tub and u match up the colour of the stick after u've peed on it. if its beige u r not in ketosis but if its any shade of pink, even the lightest then u r in ketosis.

if u find u test in the very dark pinks then u need to be drinking more water. thats a sign of dehydration. its best to find urself in the low pinks.

hope that helps!!


cambridge counsellor
i got my stiks from lloyds pharmacy and they cost me £4.79 but my CDC said she can sell them to me for £3.99.:D


Wondering to gain wisdom
I'm a real foodie too joolz - I've been reading about healthy meals tonight, helps me get over not eating. I can spend plenty of time thinking about food and planning what sort of things I might eat once I'm at goal.
I could do with getting some ketostix. Might send Mr Paisley out for some tomorrow :D
Here is a question to throw into the works, does anyone know why ketostix must be sold over the counter (ask for them) rather than just get them from Tescos etc. They are afterall only sticks?
got sold ketodia stix and boots charged me 9quid !!!!! these ones have got a green bit on as well ????????​

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