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all u big loosers out there....(i mean that in a good way) how do u manage to stick to LT. Im new, and i must say not really feelin hungrey but im findin im always thinkin of food. cookin for hubby and feedin my little girl is bad, but the worst is when i finish all my housework and my daughters havin her afternoon nap, as thats the time i watch tele with loadsa munchies etc. im findin this very hard and i really just wanna eat. i do try keepin myself busy but food just does not leave my mind and thoughts.
how do u guys cope???? need help!
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i was on cd. but the hardest time for me was the evening after my daughter had gone to bed and id sit down to watch tv. i know you try and keep busy thats what i did and got busier. some evening i went for a walk,late night shopping (window even if no money) just to get out of the house :)
You can always get online here and chat/play games/get tips and keep busy. Amazing how the time flys on her ;0)
Hi hun, not sure how long you have been on LT but it just gets easier. As time goes by I found I got into a routine and the weigh ins just flew around, my favourite day of the week.

The cooking gets easier as well, I am not alone in baking as well as cooking and just not being bothered about eating it. I still have the odd tough day and TOTM is a bit tricky but the results are sooo worth it.

This is my third attempt and I have found the biggest difference is being on minimins, it really helps cos the support and knowledge is amazing. By the way the adverts on telly are horrendous for making me think of food, don't watch them whatever you do!!!!

Good luck x


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This place has been a godsend and my house is getting tidier..most of my xmas shopping is done ...my nails are buffed to a mirror finish ermm guess you are getting the general state of affairs busy busy busy lol
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I split my first 2 shakes into about 5 or 6 hot drinks, vanilla with a t spoon of coffee, vanilla and choc, hot choc or choc and t spoon of coffee, have them all hot then about 6pm have a strawberry shake, it works for me and it keeps the hunger at bay. I lost 10.5lbs in my first 6 days, you just need to find your comfort zone then you will be fine
yeah... guess u guyz r right. im gonna try comin on here as much as i can. i dont really get hungry..its just the habit of munchin while i watch telly. i need time and hopefully il be able to re-programme myself ;)
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exactly -you will manage it -it just gets easier as you go along. GOOD LUCK!!
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this is only my 2nd week but I would have to agree with everyone on here and say the support is great when ya are feeling down and believe me everyone does care!! Ya will be fine, no doubt its tough at the start but then it does get easy, we will be with ya every step of the way and if ya need help or feeling peckish, the best thing to do is log on here and put a thread on, I am always here if ya need any help and I can try my best to offer ya the support ya need. Good luck with your first week. Take care
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Your welcome, ya can pm me any time if ya need a chat, I am looking forward to reading your posts in the future, take care


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Lol food has never left my mind in the time i've been doing this diet. I find pleasure in watching others eat and asking people what their going to have for teas. Once you get through your first few weeks you'll find it easier. Were born to eat food though so it'll probably never leave your mind. You just have to live off the smells of things till you can eat again :D

Good luck xxx
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hi supermummy take 1 day at a time with regards to the cooking my OH did all that for the 1st 10 days which was brilliant cos im sure i would have weakened honestly though it does get easier drink plenty of water, read the posts you can do it

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