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How do you all shop for grocerys...

Morning all

Being Friday for me its my main grocery shop day......hubby gets paid every 2 weeks so the mid month payday is when I get my "big shop" all the tinned stuff, soap powders etc.... but every Friday you can find me in my car heading for the supermarket to stock up on fresh produce and what I call fridge stuff... I get enough veggies, salad and fruit to last till Tuesday when I go get fresh for the rest of the week....it made me think of when I was a kid ( long time ago)...when every Friday my Dad would take us to the supermarket...he was on shift work and mum worked full time....and he would buy for the whole week....and guess he planted the Friday habit in my head.. however when I was working full time and a single parent and trying to stretch the old bank account I used to do a big monthly shop and just get a few bits as I needed them...and it made we wonder how do you all shop? Are you like me and go on certain days, and have certain times of the month for certain things ( god that makes me sound anal!!!!) or do you shop daily and where do you shop?
Living in Texas the grocery shop experience is very different to the UK ( its prob different to the rest of the US too), we don't have butchers shops or bakery shops or even green grocers so everything is got from the supermarket...

I used to love wondering from shop to shop, having a butcher cut the meat in a certain way for me, having the fishmonger fillet the fish I had chosen....ah the memories ....LOL
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Well I work near good old tescos - so I'm in they everyday getting a few things that I might need for dinner or lunches. But I do try mainly to do a big shop on Saturday.

I think I should make more of our local butchers etc.. but it in adifferent direction still I could do it once and see if it saves me some Pennies.

I shop once a week for the main stuff, mainly animal food in this house. I buy for 7 dogs, the big guys, who eat a grand total of 5 kilos of food each each day, have sardines in sunflower oil with rice and meal for breakfast and all 7 have chicken, rice and meal at night. Then come the 11 cats ( I think it is 11 lol ) We have horse and goat stuff delivered. All of this is from the supermarket.
apart from horse and goat food is from the supermarket.

Meat is also once a week but bought from an independent butcher who has a shop in a supermarket. Fruit and veg, especially fruit is almost daily. We have wonderful fruit and veg.

We have a shipping order for the chemists each week as well as our two big guys are on 5 tablets each each day. Our tiniest dog who is 22 years old is on antihistamines and I need my thyroid meds etc.

It is impossible to shop for the week in just one supermarket and I end up shopping in three to get all that we use during the course of a week. So Thursdays we do Lidl, Iceland and Mercadona.

The logistics of a weeks shop here are quite complex............... but fun.
I am retired and live on my own. I don't do a "big shop" because I have a very small fridge and no freezer, so I don't have a lot of food storage space.

Also, I find when I buy a lot of stuff I either eat it all up far too quickly, or I forget about it until it has gone off! So as I do have the time, I tend to do little bits of shopping whenever I am out.
I live on my own with a cat, but still do a 'big shop' once a week, usually on a monday night. I then go again before the week is out to buy more fruit and veg. I'm thinking of cutting this down though as I'm spending wwwaaaayyyy toooo much! I think I need to live off the contents of my cupboard/freezer for a while as they are jam packed!

I tend to just nip out if I look in the cupboard/fridge and can't find what I'm looking for..lol

I'll do a big shop every 2 weeks, but during that time, I'm always popping to the shop, for fruit, veg, fish etc...


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I try to do a monthly shop for tins, packets, frozen stuff etc., but get the fresh on an as and when basis. Usually I use on line, but will occasionally go to ASDA - has to be on a week day though (so have to be on holiday) as otherwise it is impossible to get around.

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