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How do you celebrate your losses?

I guess that if there's something I want that I have to really think about getting/doing then I'll put a weight limit on it...like...I will ONLY do this/buy this when I lose XXlbs.. but I guess that's more motivational than celebratory...Maybe we all should celebrate losses more often! : )
I have to be a bit careful not to think good loss, let's just have a wee glass of wine and some cheese....this week I am going to celebrate by virtually spending £1,000 on new clothes in a size 12!! Will go online tonight and plan a new wardrobe for when I am slim.....
Yea I know what you mean...it's so tempting to go 'yay i lost ALL this...I'll celebrate with a chocolate biscuit (or12)..because it won't matter because I've lost weight' to then go back next week and you've put it all back on again!

As for clothes...I love looking at clothes that will soon enough fit me...but then I get all sad that they don't fit me NOW...I'm so impatient!!
Thought I'd better add my wee thing that I do. Which is really sad but its my wee thing I do everyweek when I lose, so bear with me. I always take myself out for a wee tear in my car and have "Something Good" by Utah saints up at full blast. Just my wee thing:D I also do the whole dancing round the room and shaking my ass at anyone who is brave enough to look bit!!!!:eek:
I put 2 euros in a piggy bank for every pound I lose and when I reach my target weight I'm going on a shopping spree.
It's an idea I nabbed off someone else cos I think it's so brilliant!!!
(See thread The Pig Gets It.)

Haha brilliant.


needs to get out more!
I have just realised I dont do anything! I just dont feel quite as crap about myself as I did.

I'm going to have a think now about what I can do! Ideas would be appreciated!
I like the £ for lb idea is pretty good - but I guess it depends on how much you lose each week/month.
I like to save 'things' for when I reach a goal - like my tattoo will get done when I reach 15stone :)

Hmm, new smaller-sized outfits? I tend to just dance a lil bit tbh :p
ooh lol.. i'm getting a green and purple phoenix.

And of all place? On my foot...which is where it's supposed to hurt most :( haha oh well..

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