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How do you choose your target weight?


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At my weigh-in monday my consultant said she'd noticed I havnt yet chosen my target weight. I know that she cant suggest what it should/can be but I feel like Im plucking figures from thin air.

I started at 13'0.5 & ideally Id love to be 8'12 or roundabout but I dont know if thats too far-fetched/unreaslitic.

I just wondered how everyone chose their own targets? Do you take into account your height? Build?

Thanks x :eek:
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I've looked at the 'healthy' weight range for my height and because of my build (busty!) have chosen a target weight near the upper end of the scale - I want to retain my curves a little!

You can check your healthy weight range here

I haven't set my target weight yet... I probably will do that with my consultant when I have 7-10lbs to go because at the moment it seems so far away! I don't want to have this figure in front of me each week and think 'OMG how will I ever get there?!'

If when I get to my target weight I may decide that actually another couple of lb's off would be better but until I'm nearly there I just won't know!
Yes, you do need to consider your height and build. Also, where you feel comfortable. You may want to set your target at something that gets you just into the healthy BMI range at first. Then, once you're there, you can always lower your target if you decide you want to lose more.


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Ok thanks ladies, I think once I lose the first stone I may think more about my target but I also agree with RM07 that I dont know how I'll feel until I'm 'there' too! Think for now I'll go with the flow & see where it gets me.



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I think that's all you can do when starting out... I know I have a figure in my head but it hasn't been said out loud because at the moment I can't think about the bigger numbers regulary - I will stumble if I do!

If your consultant asks just explain you will set it later.


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I think you can agree it as you get closer to where you need to be. There is a lady at my club and she has been battling to get 0.5lbs of to get to target for 4 weeks!! What's the point, my SW consultant has told her to change her target so she is at it and forget the 0.5lb.

I wouldn't worry about it until you are happy with your weight.



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At my last weigh-in my consultant just said she'd noticed I hadnt set a target yet so did I have one, she said she'd discuss it with me after my first stone loss but I think I'll leave it a while. If you have something in mind maybe approach her.
Hi, you don't have to set your target if you don't know what you want to be. Tell your consultant you want to set an interim target and then change this accordingly.

I set my target initially at 10 1/2 stone and when I got there, I decided I still needed to lose more so dropped it to 10 stone. That last half stone took an eternity to lose but I would not have been happier with it on.

I would love to drop another half stone but am not prepared to work hard enough to do it and am 95% happy with my weight and learning how to maintain it.

I am at the top end of my bmi range but feel healthy and have still got curves!

You will know as you get close to where you want to be and how happy you feel with yourself. The numbers are irrelevant really, it's how you look and feel!
I want to be the weight i was in my early 20's - I always sat at about 9st 4, but i will be happy enough to get to 9st 7. Trying to break it into smaller chunks - my first target is to get half a stone off!

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