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How do you cope with a diet and full time job?


Slimming down the aisle
I'm moving back to London for 4-6 weeks on Sunday to start a job there. So I'll be working Mon to Fri from 9 til 6. I'm not used to such a long day!! Just wondering how you guys cope with handling a diet and full time job?

I know how tempting it is when I'm tired to eat junk, takeaway, microwave meals, rather than make the effort to cook a healthy meal. Especially in a house share! And then there's things like lunches, and still fitting breakfast in and stuff.

I'm just hoping that it doesn't all go wrong!
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I must admit i do struggle. I do find it hard at work. I've now turned into a constant grazer, rather than a '3 meals a day' sort of person. I dont have breakfast and don't really have tea. like i say i just graze constantly and try and drink plenty of fluids (mostly tea!)
at the moment porridge is helping me - i get these superfast oats from morrsions and a 45g portion with water (still nice with water instead of milk) is only 165cals. so i just wack it in a pyrex jug and shove it in the work microwave for 2 mins. I may have a portion at 11am and a portion at 2pm. must admit i get some crazy looks from people though! also if you don't like porridge thats not going to help you is it!
I would just say, try and be prepared and take things like carrot and cucumber sticks and baby sweetcorn, etc that you can munch on whenever. weight watchers also do their own caramel wafer bars and they're only 78cals each and are nice! theres also some new biscuits out called mikados~ only 11 cals each, but beware they are VERY more'ish.

Hope that helps!
ALWAYS prepare the night before. When you wake up in the morning it's so tempting to sleep that extra 10mins and grab something at work! But you save money too. I always have a box of bran cereal at my desk too, so if I don't have time for breakfast I don't need to order a bacon sandwhich or whatever.


Slimming down the aisle
I'm thinking I'll plan my meals for the week each weekend, by just that, nothing more. And then take my lunch with me, and not take any cash so I can't buy anything!
That's exactly what I do! Preparation is the only way to manage. I take my lunch with me every day and I only ever have food in the house that its ok for me to eat.
I find the routine of work helps me to stick to my calories, it's the evenings and weekends I have to battle through! I have branflakes for breakfast and soup for lunch with a slice of bread and I snack on fruit and the odd cereal bar. I have Options hot chocolate at hand too for the mid-afternoon slump, only 37 calories a drink :D

Preparation is definitely the key I think.. make sure you know what you plan to eat the following day/week and that it's ready for you to pick up and take with you in the morning... I'm sure you'll adjust in no time =)
I also find I stick to it more during work, it's the evenings and weekends that i dread! Although sometimes in work I do give in, but it is rare. i like to have a wee treat at luch when everyone else is having crisps/choc/chips/buns etc, after my salad or ww meal with veg I usually have a caramel freddo, less than 100 cals and goes down a treat with a cup of coffee. At least I feel like I'm still having naughty stuff with the rest of the staff and don't feel left out!
If the shop have ran out of them I sometimes have a pkt of velvet crunch chilli flavour, they're like a crisp but made from something else, can't remember what butr absalutly lush!
Best wishes x


Slimming down the aisle
Yeah, see that's what I think, while I'm at work it'll be fine. But it'll be when I get home in the evenings, when I'm tired, I'll be tempted to pick, or eat food that isn't that great. Just have to try not to I guess. I just won't have anything like that in the house!
If it's not in then you can't eat it! That's a good idea for not taking cash to work, I might try that too to take away my temptation to go to the vending machine :)
I do empathise with you. When I first started my job, I put on nearly a stone by eating junk from the (tempting) vendor upstairs & I'd get home and just eat rubbish (mainly ready meals with a large portion of chips). I'd skip breakfast because I didn't have time & then have something very unhealthy for lunch.

I turned myself around by being prepared. I'm not a huge one for breakfasts, so I now take a 'Go Ahead' bar with me for breakfast and then have a hot chocolate (instead of a chocolate flapjack) around 10 and then maybe some fruit at 11. Lunches, I now make my own the night before or nip to Boots and get a Shapers wrap/sandwich. I also get peckish around 2pm, so I have another piece of fruit. When I get home, I cook fresh OR if I have to, ready meal with some fresh veg. I invested in a good cookbook. I also treat myself to a chocolate bar (Kit Kat Senses are particularly nice!) about 9pm.

So key is not to binge. Bring snacks in with you & eat small portions regularly.
I find dieting much easier when I am working full time you just need to be organised although it is difficult thinking of what to have for lunch the next day, when you may not be hungry the day before.

If you have a Microwave at work you should be fine. Nearly anything is microwavable.

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