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How do you deal with holidays abroad on CD?

Hi all - am off to Gran Canaria in a couple of weeks and can't decide the best approach to take .... the bars would melt in the heat, I'd get sick of tetras all the time, and there would be no facilities for making up the packs - and besides, I want to able to join in with the others to some extent when we go out for a meal in the evening and to have a couple of drinks. But I don't want to regain tons of weight, either! What have other people done on holiday, and what did the scales say afterwards? Grateful for any advice
Mrs P
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I was going to say go to a cheapo all-inclusive in the Caribbean as I ate whatever I wanted & then lost 7lb with food poisoning!

However as its booked I'd say just go & enjoy the holiday. Be careful with carbs etc but have some time off. Look at Lancslass's post she was just saying how well she did on hols.
I was curious about this too. I had the opportunity to go to Egypt or Dubai this month but i decided not to go :( because i didnt know how i would deal with the diet. I like to stick to things by the book and going on holiday would have messed that up abit for me.

So i decided that i will just spend this summer at home focusing on the diet because its only really one summer out of my life:) and then next summer or even at christmas, when i have maintanance all under control, i will go on holiday and enjoy myself :D.

But if you have already booked to go on holiday i think the best thing to do would maybe stick to one of the maintainance steps on the CD. Maybe 1000cals or 1200cals but with the occasional treat here and there. You could try to limit your carbs aswell.

I think asking lancslass about her exepreince would be a good idea, like FC mentioned. I know that she did allow herself a few drinks but she kept up with her water intake and that really helped.

I hope you sort everything out and you have a fab time on holiday :) xx


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My advice is to build up your daily calorie intake over the month before you go... doing a week each of add a meal, 790, 1000, and 1200 before you go. It will mean that your weight loss is slower before you go but you won't get any rebound weight gain (Caused by Glycogen storage, but sooo disheartening on the scales) and in fact means that you can do 1500 whilst you are there.... eat with your family ALL week and lose weight!! (honestly, Bunnycd did this and lost 3lbs in a fortnight in Portugal!)
It really does work!


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But what would you do if you didnt have a month to work up the plans.
I am off in 5 weeks and plan to s/s for 4 of them, not sure what to do when I go, I dont want to be on CD for 2 weeks but equally I dont want to put on loads of weight.


Need help
Hi ya, :):)

Last October I went to Ireland while I was SSing. I was worried before the holiday if I could keep to it while I was out there. I did and I was so proud of myself as I totally did the opposite to what I would of done normally on holiday. I kept myself busy by going on plenty of walks, rather then sitting around thinking of food.
It all depends on what type of holiday you are going on as a holiday in the sun would be a lot harder I think as this normally means Greece, Spain or Somewhere with Tavernas and Bar's all around you. If I was to go to these sort of places I would go on a higher Program with food before and eat healthy while you are out there where you can. I would take some of your shakes with you and you can use these for breakfast and lunch. Doing this you will be good during the day which will help towards the naughties if you do in the evening. The key is not to feel quilty if you do just be sensible other times and you will be fine. Quilt will make you totally fall off the wagon.
As a word of warning put you cambridge Booklet with your sachets in your case together incase customs search you. They are getting strict now what food products are going through.

Hope this helps and have a good time. Swimming burns alot of calories if you are naughty. :D:D

Nick :):)

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