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How do you deal with Occasions/Parties?

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Hi all,

Yesterday was my neice's 16th birthday party and her mum had put alot of food out and had done me some vegetarian stuff specially. I ate some mini keiche, some veggy sausage rolls, salad, pasta, a doughnut! My other niece brought round the veggy left overs today, of which I ate some too! but now I feel really bad!! All that pastry and sugar! I couldn't not eat any of it, I'd feel like I was being rude after it being made for me! but now I'm dreading getting on the scales tomorrow, it's took me nearly a year to lose a stone and the thought of gaining any would make me so annoyed! :mad: So how do all of you deal with occasions?? Birthday cake and all the other celebration food laid out for all to eat!? :sigh:
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I actually love these occasions. It's a chance to defeat temptation on the greatest scale haha :p x


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Depends on the occasion! If it's something really important then I tuck in as sensibly as possible without stressing too much but if it's just yet another family BBQ then I try to stick to my plan!

Its a fact of life that you will sometimes have to eat off plan and as long as your sensible its fine to just accept that the odd meal wont hurt you. You might have a STS or even a small gain but one meal will not make you gain any real weight!! The scales will be showing water retention from all the naughty salt fat an sugar!! Drink plenty of water and it will come off.

A really good sneaky tip is to go to the party armed with a homemade (and diet friendly) "contribution" for the feast :) then you know you can eat SOMETHING and you are a very considerate guest :) I even weigh out my portion at home so I can see what it looks like? Then when I'm serving myself I know I'm about right!!

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S: 17st9lb C: 11st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 5st10lb(32.39%)
Thanks! That's some good tips! :D We actually did contribute to the party food though.... my husband decided we'd bring a big box of doughnuts that he saw were on the cheap at Sainsburys!! LOL Not the best thing...next time I'll try and convince him to get something healthier lol :D


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I have what I fancy without being too greedy. When I know an occasion is coming up I will be more careful with my eating in the week before so that I can enjoy myself. I'm never going to be able to deprive myself constantly, so I still eat what I enjoy when I feel like it, I just make sure I only do it once a week maximum and don't go too mad.

It might explain my slow weight loss but eating out, having a drink and enjoying myself are things I'm not willing to sacrifice! :D
S: 17st9lb C: 11st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.2 Loss: 5st10lb(32.39%)
Yeah I agree, you shouldn't just go cold turkey on all the good things, otherwise you'd just get depressed! Well I know I would lol I need to just stop myself, I have this habit of when I taste something so totally delicious..I want more and more of it! lol Very bad lol


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S: 17st6lb C: 14st2lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 29.2 Loss: 3st4lb(18.85%)
Me too! I've never eaten junk but I just don't seem to have a "full" switch... if something tastes good I could carry on forever!

It's a good tip to take food to parties. Weight Watchers have a fantastic potato salad recipe that I always take to bbqs as it's so much lower in fat and calories than the bought stuff but tastes fab! So I can eat as much of it as I like and I know exactly what's in it! :D
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I find buffet type occasions are always the worst because there tends to all the really heavy calorie foods made with pastry and fattening salad dressings.

If it's available I will have only cooked meats, salad and pickles but if the only stuff available is very fattening I have been known to lie and say, 'I'm not hungry', or even, 'I've got a dodgy tummy.'

If I say I don't want any because of dieting, people then seem to make it their mission to get you to eat it. It's easier to tell a little white lie.


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