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How do you eat yours ??

Having lost a stone back in August , Ive struggled to get back on it , thankfully Ive not put the stone back on

Having restarted and stalled about 5 times since my holiday Ive sat myself down and given myself a good talking to

Problem 1 ....its boring ...I was just doing the shakes ,so I have just bought 150 items including meals and bars for variety

Problem 2.....the danger times ie when im likely to give up and binge ....between 8 and 11pm

Problem 3....only "eating" 3 times a day.... the gaps in between seem like torture , solution , 4 items a day spread out

So this is my new plan

10am half a shake , I make it quite watery , doesnt bother me and fills me up

12pm half a shake

2pm half a bar , I cut half a bar into 12 small pieces and put in the fridge , I then eat one at a time as if it was a sweet over the next couple of hours , it means I can go back and forth to the fridge ..I love doing this !!!

6pm half a shake , freeze the other half

8pm dinner , spag bol or cottage pie

9pm half a bar , again cut up and eaten over an hour

10pm frozen half of shake eaten like a dessert

the times may look a bit weird but they fit into my working day and take into account danger times , hopefully im covering all the bases and giving myself the best chance of success

So , how do you eat yours ?
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Oo, I'm liking your plan might steal some of your ideas if you don't mind x good luck with the restart x

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I am fairly boring!

Shake or Bar at 10-11ish

Shake or Bar after 2

Meal after 7

That's it!

If its a shake I tend to heat some of them and leave others cold. Have never tried freezing them, how does it end up? Is it just slightly frozen. Choc one could be good!


Feeling great in 2012!
I am fairly boring!

Shake or Bar at 10-11ish

Shake or Bar after 2

Meal after 7

That's it!
That's pretty much the same as me

Shake 10am - 11 am depending on what meetings I have at work
Bar (but from today the new regime will be soup or another shake) about 2pm,
Meal about 7.30
Some of them freeze really well , chocolate and banana are my faves for freezing

they freeze solid and takes me ages to scrape it out of the bowl so keeps me busy for a good 30minutes
oo just had my first spag bol , I must admit when I saw the pathetic looking pile of dryness in my bowl i wasnt very optimistic , but it turned out surprisingly well , tomoro cottage pie
So far my plan is shake at 7.30am, shake at 12/1pm-ish, meal/bar/soup at about 5/6pm. If that doesn't work then I'll spilt the morning shake so I have some at 9/10-ish and the lunch shake so I have some at 3/4-ish.
I have a shake (or porridge) for breakie around 8.30 , cup of tea then lots of water , shake for lunch ( I hated the Muesli bars but tried a banana bar today not too bad !)more water maybe a coffee or tea then 5 another ish dinner spag bol and salad or vegies another tea after more water , then maybe a asda can of diet coke in eve water and tea I usually have 3 cups of tea a day on this diet rather than the usual 6 or 7 !!!
Your plan is great! Stick to it and you won't fail yourself! goodluck!;)

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