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How do you feel


Strong women stay slim
i also joined yesterday , its confusing i'm onn 31 pp
how many are you on ?

Anthony Smith

Slimmer 2010
I have done both, and I prefer the old points system, and that is why I went back to it :)


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I'm sticking with the old points cos I know it works but have read positive things about the new points on here.Seems it's more flexible as you have a weekly extra to dip into


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when u say ur doing the old one, are u just following it at home then? or can u attend class and do the old one?


I loved the old points plan when i did ww b4. Joined ww last nite and not sure about the new system. Guess it will just take a bit of getting used to it. Wish id bought the calculator.

For those who have done both plans, which do you prefer?

I've successfully lost weight twice with the old points system but now I LOVE the new propoints. I love fruit so the fact it's free means I'm happily munching on it all the time. I'm well maintaining my weight loss, I have put on 9.7 lbs over an extended Christmas period (I was 7st 13.3 at the beginning of December, 8 stone exactly on the 24th of December and on the 11 of January when I came back from holidays I was 8st 9.7...) but now in less than 1 week of following again the diet (my official weigh-in is Sunday) I've lost 5.7 lbs already and I've got only 4 lbs left to lose hopefully this week to get back to my weight before Christmas.

As you might see from my stats, my starting weight was 14 st 2.5 so I've basically lost half of my body weight...

Just so you know, on the 1st of November when I started propoints 1 week earlier than others (I'm a helper at meetings) I weighted 8st 2.2 and I went down to 7st 13.3 on December the 1st before the Christmas season started (and between parties and stuff like that I didn't lose anything any more LOL).

So... propoints works very well, you feel fuller for longer, if you're hungry you can grab a fruit for free and you still lose weight. That's why I love it! I also loved the old plan, but this one is definitely more flexible!

PS: I would be lost without my propoints calculator and kitchen scales, they're real essentials!


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I have done the old system and nearly 2 weeks into the new system. To be honest, I am really enjoying the new points system and finding it easy too. I would deff buy the calculator as it makes things alot easier when you go shopping. I lost 3lbs on my first week and as long as I keep having good progress I will continue to do this plan, as I haven't really felt that I am on a diet as have been able to eat what I want most of the time and not felt hungry.


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erm im in mixed mines, i dislike the slush bucket of 49 weeklies because i feel like im using it on junk and its an 'excuse' as i eat something i dont really want or need... but then think ah its ok because i have the 49 weeklies, in the old plan i had to save up points for treats so its like i was earning them which made me cut down on them more because i knew it was just something i couldnt always do, propoints seems to be undoing that frame of mind, im gonna stick to pp until Feb then may go back to discovery!


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Not sure if I'm liking it, had a my 3rd weigh in today & stayed the same, looking at my weight loss card I defiantly done better on the discovery.. My leader said I didn't eat enough never thought I'd be told that at a ww meeting only used 31 of my weekly pp & that's where she said the problem was... So I'm a very disappointed girl today... 3 weeks in and only 3.5lbs !!!


Hmm - Like Smirky I am in two minds - the slush bucket fund scares me a little and I rarely dip into it but it's there if I need it and after all, WW have calculated it for you to factor in with your points allowance over the week.

I've lost 11.5lbs in three weeks on the ProPoints scheme, and that's included a few off days, so it's working (for now) - if it continues to work I will carry on with it, if not I will go back to old points, although I've just bought a new pedometer...whoops! xxx


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i find im dipping into the weeklies and kind of not counting them as i'm thinking god i'd never eat 49pp worth:(my 2nd wi is tomorrow and i know i'm up,,and i'm stressed out as i'm only 10lb from goal,,i'll give it till the end of the month and see how it goes

Anthony Smith

Slimmer 2010
when u say ur doing the old one, are u just following it at home then? or can u attend class and do the old one?

I still attend a meeting, but obviously I know there will not be any talk on the old plan, but I know the plan and just happy sitting there while she talks to the others, :)


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I don't like the new plan, but sticking to it for a month and see how i go, i gained 1lb my first week :| but i think that was down to my time of the month! :(


Hey! When I first tried the Pro Points, I put on! I have now tried it again and I didnt eat my weekly points and lost 5lbs. I am loving it now, though I do think it isnt easy to do the system unless you have the calculator. That wheel thing makes is a task to find points.