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How do you fit this around your life?


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So sorry for starting so many threads, I'm just curious about loads of stuff.

One of my best friends died suddenly in December. It was a huge blow to me, as I'd lost my dad not long before. It's his birthday on Saturday, and his family and I are going out to celebrate it.

Trouble is, we're having a meal. This is an event I can't miss. I really want to celebrate my friend's birthday, even though he's no longer here. But I'm worried about how I can work it with this diet. I don't want to bring my own food along as it seems extremely rude. There is no way I will cancel it.

I've been thinking that I should lie and say I'm ill and that's why I'm not eating a dinner. But I'm worried about sitting around people eating. It will be tempting and also I'll look weird if I'm sat there fiddling with a glass of water. But I don't want to cheat on my first week.

What do you do when you have situations like this?
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What about taking the Atkins route for one night? Stick to meat and vegetables, but no potatoes or sauces.

At least then you should stay in ketosis.
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I had my nephews birthday do last week and told everyone that I felt ill and had a very sore throat so didn't want to eat. Everyone seemed to accept that and I somehow managed to watch everyone eat. It wasn't as bad as I thought.

If you want to eat have a chicken salad or something like that.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
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Why don;t you start the diet after the meal?
Then do it now...

What is important is that you are there, not that you are there and eating!

Therefore if you need to make an excuse then just say you have an upset stomach but don't lose the focus you have.

You can do this, and you will have a lovely time and be so proud of yourself afterwards.

It was my Daughters birthday yesterday and I had the only thing on the menu I thought would do the least damage - chicken caeser salad without the dressing. I left the croutons and cheese so had the chicken and some of the lettuce all washed down with a water! Nobody batted an eyelid and I didn't feel like I was missing out because I wasn't! I think it's good practise for when you've got closer to goal and not to panic when eating!! (I stayed in ketosis too which was an added bonus)
There will always be an occasion so I feel it's best to be up front and honest. Food is not the reason you are all going, you're going to celebrate a life. You can celebrate without eating, you will enjoy the conversation etc and still have a lovely time. I'd have a shake or soup before I went, stick with the sparkling or still water then have something when you get home. xx


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I have been out for a meal whilst on this diet and ordered the cheapest thing on the menu and just left it. If you are so motivated you need to seize the moment!
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I went out on Satruday for my friends 40th and only one of them knows I'm on Cd. I said I'd been up all night with a tummy bug so didn't want to eat anything in case it made me poorly again. They all tucked into pizzas and I sat with a sparkling water. I wasn't bothered in the least. Like others have said the important thing is that you'll be there in memory of your friend, if your focussed the food shouldn't be an issue.

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