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How do YOU follow SW?

Hey everyone,

Was wondering how you follow SW on a day to basis, especially those of you that have been on it while? Do you plan what you're going to eat for the day? Write everything down as you eat/in the morning/evening? plan what syns your going to have or see what you fancy?

Just interested to hear your views! I strictly planned everything at the start of the week when I first started, then wrote it down at the end of the day. I have since stopped doing this and am now struggling to stick to plan, i clearly need routine and discipline!x x x
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I do a weekly menu of lunches and mains and sometimes desserts (all low syn)
I don't use the days though all days are numbers 1-7..So I can mix and match what I have each day.
I do all Extra Easy so its easy to follow...
I shop for the week and make sure I have everything I need in the house.

I think planning is a huge part of SW, without it you are more likely to eat whatever you've got or buy something totally wrong..

I much prefer to have everything here..
I have to be quite organised and cook am about to cook tomorrows lunch. But its worth it..
i write a list of meals i fancy on wednesday, go shopping thursday for all the ingrediants i need so i have everything, and just see what i fancy on each day, i always have alpen lights of ryvita minis as my HEb and a muller in morn so no planning there, then i just have left overs for my lunches..

that way im all always organised and planned, but dont feel restricted to my day by day plans.



Is a crunchy mama!
I usually go shopping after WI and buy a bunch of things I love eating, i.e. my regulars like greek yogurt, porridge, corn thins, veggies, milk etc. And based on that, I have a rough idea what I'll be cooking on a daily basis.Usually I make a big pot of something like a soup or curry which I have for lunch for the week and then dinner could be anything I fancy. I usually text my husband what I need for dinner and he gets them by the time I'm home from work.
I plan a week ahead- even after 20 months. I just find it so much easier to plan as I go out and eat out a lot. I write down all meals, where I will have my HEXs, potential danger areas for the day (e.g if I know I am going to the cinema I will want popcorn) and then a plan of what I will do to counter the danger (allow syns for a small popcorn, take a low syn alternative, eat before going so I am less likely to want it, etc)

Of the meals that I plan, I occasionally veer off if something unexpected happens or if I just don't fancy eating it at that particular time, but make sure the equivalent is on par with the planned food in syns.

I defo find that when I plan the whole thing is much easier
I do extra easy as I like to be able to have a bit of everything, I dont plan just decide what I'm gong to have and make it SW friendly. I do write everything down in a little book to keep track and if I know I'm going out in the week I will be good on syns for the rest of the week.
I find it quite hard to plan in advance, i'm just not very organised! I usually stock up on the basics (fresh veg, pasta, rice, eggs etc) when I do a shop so that if there's a specific thing I want I can pop to Tesco at the end of the road and grab it. My lunch and brekkie is pretty much always the same so I spend my day (while I should be working) thinking about what I can make for dinner. Works for me :)

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