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How do YOU get rid of the dreaded cravings?


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The first two weeks on sw i found really easy, this week i am having real battles with really strong cravings.
Mcd, more chocolate, greasy crap food etc...

It's really getting on my nerves as i already save my syns for chocolate but it just isnt enough this week. I feel i have done so well in my first two weeks i really don't want to go back to my old ways, so would like to know how you all beat the dreaded cravings.

I am thinking of breaking my syns down to a smaller choc bar and a skinny cow icecream so i get two hits a day instead.

What do you all do?
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Try and eat all of my dinner, which is usually treble the size I had intended because of filling it out with so many vegetables. Means I am so full from vegetables (the pasta etc is also reduced because I know there is so much vegetarian sauce to go on top) that I don't really want anything else.
I usually crave chocolate so I've been having a fibre plus bar as my HeB and that seems to satisfy those. Or have a few mikado through out the day which are half a syn each
Hi there

So far, 16 weeks in and I have had no cravings at all :D-I put it down to making sure I eat a really varied diet.
Have you tried making your own burgers? they are really simple and you can make them to suit -and add some home made wedges and you are away :p ... depending what plan you are on -you can always use your heB for a cob/roll, 42g low fat cheddar (heA) and make home made syn free coleslaw, throw salad on and you have a plate full of "yummy naughtiness" and still on plan ;)...
Breaking down your syns is a good idea , and eating at regular intervals should help lessen the cravings as your blood sugars won't be up n down ...
hope the urge passes soon....
Sometimes I also save a HEA of milk and have it with hot chocolate (3 syns) which is sweet, chocolatey and filling because of the milk, and doesn't taste like dishwater like highlights does!
Ditto what Capricorn said. If I fancy a burger, I make one, etc etc.


Is so doing it this time
Hi Shell y

Don't give in hun, hang on in there you've done so well. Your body may just be responding to the change in diet. A bit like a smoker giving up cigarettes. It may just need time to dettox. Also I read a report that many women crave sugar intensely during the second half of their menstrual cycle. A study was done showing that foods rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats may help to reduce the cravings.

I really hope this information helps. And I totally agree make yourself a burger and SW chips..... sounds delish!! ;);)

Good luck xx
I find it impossible to beat cravings. But it is possible to ignore them. And if the things you want are not in the house, then it is easier.

I have been known to leave chocolate in the car which is in the garage on the other side of the car park of the flats where I live. This is on the assumption that I won't be bothered to go out there in my slippers in the dark and unlock the garage to get it.

However, I regret to say that I have been known to do just that!! So I find the best thing to do is never to buy the wretched stuff in the first place.
i tend to have odd cravings i wanted toblerone for 4 weeks so i went gym and saved syns and ate it and it was horrid!
i tend to have odd cravings i wanted toblerone for 4 weeks so i went gym and saved syns and ate it and it was horrid!
Before SW I always used to have fish and chips for my lunch on Saturday.

I hadn't had any for ages, decided to treat myself - what a disappointment! I just didn't like them any more.

Unfortunately this process does not work with chocolate!
Mullerlight vanilla yog with choc sprinkles for chocolate cravings. SW chips and george foreman'ed chicken with a spray of frylight for a crispy outside for "junk food". Lowfat supernoodles for carb cravings. Just a couple of my fix-its!! Keep going. xx


Now to maintain.....
hmmmm i can honestly say i havent had really bad cravings yet,the few times ive wanted choc badly ive had it within my syns and been sorted,lol!

the last few days i have had a bad,bad craving......but it was for pineapple!!! :D so ive indulged fully :D

i do think that i eat a really varied range of foods which im sure helps rather than eating the same things over and over as some do,i think this brings on the diet and deprived mentality.

i do think the first 3 or 4 weeks can be the hardest on sw though as you get your head around everything!! it can seem as though you are always having to think,plan,you go without things because you arent sure etc......after that it becomes second nature.


Now to maintain.....
I do tend to have the same sort of things because I don't have much imagination fir meals and it's got to fit in around the kids.
in a few weeks you'll get more confidence...promise!!
a few of the recipie books are recommended--lots from there that my girls eat too.....you could always pop around a mates that might have all the books and mags and copy some out too:D

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