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How do you get through a weekend???

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi all,

I am on Day 4 of SS and so far have not found it too difficult (well, the fact that it's just been me and my 22 month old at home as Hubby is away until this evening, has made it easier).

The thing is Hubby isn't going to do the SS until almost 2 weeks time as he will be away again travelling until then and it just isn't practical.
When he comes home this evening, I just know that he will want to eat a take away and over the weekend, he will eat what ever is on the go.

My question is....how do you stay on the SS plan??? Do you have any tips for me?

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i love minimins me :)
hey hun

am havin this dilema atm, cos my weekends consit of me and my b/f goin for meals, picnics, drinks pretty much everythin we do involves food, and i know am terrible on a weekend anyways, so am sat tryin to think of ways i can keep myself occupied

we can support eachother :) am on day 3


Mrs V

Loves Life!
Hi Stacey,

Thanks for the reply...perhaps someone out there can help!
it's very hard but i think the best way to deal with it is to change your weekend routine if you can as you know its only going to be a matter of months before you can indulge in the odd weekend takeaway again:)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Thank you Jodiejojo.

I will be out and about quite a bit this weekend, which isn't the norm for me. Perhaps I will be too busy to notice the time!!!
When I first started I did non-foody things!
Such as a mega shopping spree with a good friend who knows you are on the diet. Walk round town or city centre from lunchtime to closing time and not only will you have burned loads of excess calories, helped tone up your legs and bum(!) had a brilliant time looking at all the clothes you will be able to wear once you have done the diet for a while and spent quality time with a good friend, you will be so engrossed you'll forget about food and you'll be knackered when you get home... I find evenings hard, but continue your days work look at skinny clothes, watch a film (NOT chocolat or Willy Wonka though!) and before you know it, it will be bedtime and you won't have thought about food all day!
I also joined the gym and whenever I'm bored, mosey along.... even if it's just to sit in the hydro pool and steam room for a while, it's gets you out the house and you can eat while you're swimming!
Do housework anything, in a few weeks it won't bother you but the forst couple of weeks are a killer. Get through these and you'll never worry again.
STAY BUSY! It's my only advice, it keeps your mind off eating and I found if I reached early evening without cheating then I had made it, because you can smugly think to yourself "Ha! I've done another day! In your face doubters and haters!"

Good luck hun, I'm sure you'll be fine!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Fantastic advice - thank you Byebye Bingo wings - Love the name by the way!!!!
That is a good one , walk around different shopping centres make it a new hobby , Think ok what place are we going to visit today , thats on the days it gets hard . From after lunch time till the shops shut . That should do the trick , bye bye bingo wingos that is so right .
Call it walking back to happiness
I'm a bar tender at Tigertiger which is one of cardiffs best posh clubs (its bloody expensive) but it means i start at 6pm and dont finish till 5am on both fri and sat. so i have two shakes b4 work and a hot tetra when i get home. Cos i sleep most of the next day i cant think about food (hence why i started on a saturday).

How about going to the beach, or local landmark for a walk? Or to the cinema?
Get your nails done, or visit friends?
Horseriding is something i really wanna do soon, and also the local RSPCA are looking for dog walkers!!! HOW COOL!!!

Good luck chicken, stick to it xxx
Thanks all....Blue Grapefruit I know where you work....I am originally from S Wales and so is Hubby. He's from Blaenavon and I'm from a tiny village outside Blackwood.

My hobby is really my ceroc jive - going to a dance this evening (first night out this week and I can't wait!!!).
Tomorrow I do have quite a lot planned so hopefully I can keep my mind off the food side of it all - just hope Hubby doesn't drive through KFC!! Argh!!!

Sunday we are debating whether to go and visit the In-Laws or not, so for most of the day we will be travelling so won't have time to think about food again!!

Hope it works! I am really trying this time as I have almost 11 stone to loose really!!

Take care all.

Oooh, i'm from pontypridd!!!
Just landed in cardiff cos of uni :D
Ha ha!! A true Welsh Girl then!!
Of course, although my mother is from Blaenau Ffestiniog N.Wales and my dad was from Iraq....hence the hair and huge curves! It's the arab in me :D
Shhhh.....I won't say anything if you won't! My Dad was born in St Albans and moved to S Wales when he was 3 so he's an honorary Welsh Man and Mum was born in Crumlin S Wales.

I miss the scenery, certainly not the village !!
TBh i dont think i can ever leave wales. my OH is a brum and we've set up shop here. I can't really ever visit my dads family in Iraq as my surname (Khalil) doesnt really allow me to travel freely. POO!

Cor, totally off topic, i'm so so sorry!!
Weekends are torture! Sat nites were our takeaway nites and that was the focus of the evening. Now hubby and kids have their takeaway in the dining room, at tea-time so its more like a normal day. It still kills me. He clears away and I float back down after a bath or something. I save my bar for a treat while they have theirs. Just focus, its not forever! Someone on here said to me 'keep your head down and your eyes on the prize' - its good mantra! Good luck!

I moved when I was 19 (quite a long time ago now!) to be a Children's Nanny in London. It was a huge eye opener - apologising to people who pushed me out of the way and I couldn't understand why none of the neighbours spoke to each other or invited anyone around for a cuppa!!!

Any way, back to this water and tetra brick!!
Thanks Lilly...

To be honest, I confessed to a friend the other day too, that since I moved into my house (about 7-8 years ago), I have had 2 baths!

One when I first moved in and the second when I was slightly heavier then I am now and heavily pregnant. The first one was lovely, although I don't have the patience for a bath and the second time I got stuck and broke my heart until Hubby had to lift me out!!! (hangs head in shame)

So...one of the things that I am looking forward to when I have lost more weight, is to have a long soak in a hot bath, filled to the brim with bubbles, with no fear of having to call the Fire Brigade!!! Lol. On second thoughts....fit men in uniform!!! Mmm!
Now that IS a goal worth fighting for.

Funny how firemen are generally fat and hairy and not rippling/bronzed 20 somethings with huge eyes and gorgeous smiles xxx (no offence to firefighters but they are the ones we always had in school)

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