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How do you get to be Slimmer of the Week?

Hi Sarah,

yes you're right you have to stay for class, you have to have had a loss the week before, and you can't win it on your 2nd weigh in due to the fact most of that weeks weight loss would be water!

I hope that makes sense:)


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thanks tracey, makes sense about staying for the class but do you mean that you can't win on your FIRST weigh in?

so the winner is the person that lost the most in the group in 1 or 2 weeks? gosh sorry i'm being really thick aren't i lol!
No my fault Sarah, no you wouldn't win the week you join cos they don't have a weight to compare it to, and you can't win it on your first proper weigh in because the majority of the first weeks loss is water.

so for example if you lost 2lbs this week and 3lbs next week - anyone else in the class would have to have had a loss this week, and lose more than 3lb next week to beat you...or you might share if you both lost the same!


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Yeah the SOTW is the person who loses the most in that week (and stays to class) who has also lost the week before
i never knew you had to loose the week before. our sotw lost 2.5lbs (i think) even though there was a regular member who had lost 5.5lbs but she musnt hae lost the week before, thats cleared it all up for me now


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I won sotw once and it was the week after the leader had nagged everyone about bringing fruit in for the prize. I had a huge carrier bag stuffed full! Some of it was manky though, cos of the meanies being tight and passing off their fruit that was on the turn....
oh god youve jsut reminded me about the fruit and i dont have any in! :S


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I took bachelors savory rice one week.
i might lol. someone once brought an avacado and it has loads of syns in
Can I just say you do still SOTW even if you dont stay at class - you just dont get the prize, you get the certificate and the sticker (the following week) but no goodies x
Hi you can be SOTW at your 1st class after joining. They only count half what you've lost though, and if that beats everyone else, it can be you. I used to be a SW consultant.
at our class you only get sow if you have lost the most and maintained week before or lost .... the new members have never been allowed at our class as u lose quite lot in first week x
I guess some counsellors count the first week as half and some don't allow it at all. It's 10 years since I was counsellor so could have changed, although the class I went to at Warwick in February allowed half of first weeks loss.

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