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How do you get your fluids in? HELP!


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Hi guys - i really feel like i am struggling with my water/fluids intake :(

Before CD i hardly drank anything, particularly on my days off from work - i could go a whole weekend, then on sunday night wonder why i had a headache coming on :(

I am only just managing to get my minimum 4 pints in, and today it is really hard - still have one to go! Bought some of the CD Orange water flavouring stuff - but it just makes the water taste a bit sweet, not orangey so it harder to drink than plain water! :(

I have a bottle of water with me all the time and am attempting to sip frequently, but even that is getting hard :(

Advice hints tips suggestions, and a slap to sort myself out with this toot sweet please!

Lors x
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Hi BL,
I add extra water to my shakes as I love them but found they could take a bit extra especially if I have them warm.
Also (as it's pretty chilly or I'm constantly cold?) I have a huge tea mug and I drink warm water from that.....it's actually quite comforting (and warms my hands up).
I also drink large cups of weak coffee with a couple of teaspoons of vanilla or cappuccino mix in it....lovely!
Variety is what gets me through about 5ltrs a day!
Hope this helps!
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I followed Mike's (Icemoose) advice, break it down into chunks. I have a half litre bottle, I drink two of them before 11am, then two before 3pm, then two before 6pm and the remaining two before 9. Helps me pace it through the day and two bottles every 3 hours or so seems manageable.

Good luck



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Try the berry mix one with hot water - try the sunshine one with sparkling water.... Never drink plain water too cold, it usually gives you cramps.
1tspn bouillion mixes with 500ml of water so thats another helf litre.
Try the 500ml evian with the sports cap - half price in Tesco at mo 1.44 for pack of four - water seems easier to drink out of them.
hi yes i too break my water intake into hours of the day. Just keep glugging as much as you can you eventually do get use to it :)
at the weekends i leave a pint glass (not stolen from the pub) of water in the kitchen and everytime I walk through it (which is often as it's in the middle of the house) I gulp down half of it. I also have glass with me that I try sip from all the time.
But I;m not a sipper - I just gulp it into me.

At work I gulp down 450ml (in one go) 4 times; plus massive peppermint teas at my desk which are 450ml each - I sip that and don't mind it cold so it last for a few hours.


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So if i was to have a big mug of green, black, white, peppermint, or nettle tea, i can count that towards my fluid intake? I got the impression it HAD to be 4 pints minimum (but preferably 3-4 litres) of water and then whatever else you drank on top of it!


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Oh, and "not stolen from the pub" Clarabel?!

Well personally i find having a bottle with a sports cap helps coz i can just squeeze the water down my throat and before i know it it needs refilling. ANY fluid counts towards your reccomended daily allowance but you're supposed to have a minimum of 2.25l aswell as your shakes xx


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Oh thank goodness! Think could probably up my fluids then with hot drinks. Find it so hard trying to force water down my neck!


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I usually have 2 litres of room temp bottled water and a litre or more made up of hot drinks, which is water added to my tetras to make hot chocolate or I have summer berry flavouring in hot water.


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Is the summer fruits flavouring better than the orange? I've not tried it but i dont find the orange one orangey at all - just tastes like i've put sweetener in my water! Anyone else find that?
not tried any of the flavourings to be honest before CD i couldnt for the life of me drink water but now i find it's the only thing that quenches my thirst...weird isnt it
I drink my water in chunks too. I also drink water out of a litre bottle. When at home I measure out a litre, pour it into a glass and drink.

6:30AM - 1 litre of water consumed during commute to work
8:00AM - arrive at work, use the loo and start on my second litre
10:30AM - fit in a third litre before lunch
12:30PM/01:00PM - 500ml of strawberry & kiwi water
01:00/01:30PM - fit in a 4th litre of water

17:30 - start my 5th litre of water
19:00 - start my 6th litre of (water finish before 19:45)

go to bed, I give myself a period of 1 1/2hrs to stop drinking before I do anything major like travelling or going to bed etc.


CC xx


Fed up of being fat
I havent had the orange flavouring so not sure what its like? .. Im not a lover of orange squash so thought it wise to go for summer berry instead. I really like it, I have it warm or cold.

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