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How do you get your xenical?


But you can call me Elise
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Hi everyone

I lost 2.5 stones on xenical about 3 years ago by getting it through Boots (£125 every 3 months, got down to 18.5 stone from close to 21 stone), I plateaued and couldn't justify the expense when I had lost only a lb in over a month using it, so stopped buying it. At the time my GP wouldn't give it to me (they were awful and I've recently moved so I am in the process of getting a new GP - they can't be as bad!)

However, I'd like to give it a try again. I lost a lot more weight using the Cambridge diet, but have piled it all back on almost as fast as I lost it, whereas I didn't do that with xenical. I go on holiday in a couple of weeks, but after I get back I'd like to try to get onto xenical again. I don't think Boots still do it. Do you all get it from your GP, or is there another source that I can get it through? (I know there are some websites, but they are expensive and possibly dodgy). This is a just in case measure in case my new doctors get funny about prescribing it too.

I have 7 stones to lose so I need all the help I can get!

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I get mine from my GP. Pharmacists are only allowed to sell you Alli, as the full strength Xenical is prescription only. I would never recommend buying it anywhere online hun xx
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I also get mine on prescription from my GP. Those websites you talk about can be really dodgy, not to mention expensive and you're not sure what you are going to get. If you have 7 stone to lose you should be able to make a really good case to your GP and hopefully there'll be no reason not to give it to you. Tell him if you don't lose the weight you'll cost him a fortune in the long run with weight-related medical problems! Good luck,

KB x
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it goes on bmi and most doctors want to see you are dedicated before they pescribe it , so tell them how your weight makes you feel and that you tried xenical before sucessfully and want to try again , explain you have joined a support forum with lots of people all doing xenical and you are really willing to give it your best shot =]

other then that theres ali from the chemist , lower strength then xenical and you will have to pay for it but its much safer then buying xenical from the internet , you never know whats in those pills unless they are from your GP. so please be careful. xx
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With all the bad press about obesity , if you show that your dedicated to the cause I can't see why your gp would give them too you , there is people who have alot less to lose getting them , it must be down to the individual gp.


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print out this page if you want to also. and show your GP how dedicated and also how much support you have gotten from here...
this is the best site in the world, and has got many people through some tough times...

i also get mine from my gp


But you can call me Elise
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Thanks all of you. Boots did actually used to let you have full-strength xenical without prescription, if you had a full health check, to start, with a specially trained pharmacist and went for regular weigh-ins and health checks (blood pressure, cholestrol blood test etc.) and used to offer a phone help-line/support service etc. that you could call if you needed extra help, and who called you once a month to check how you were doing - such a shame they don't any more.

When I think back this was clser to 4 than 3 years ago and was before ti became a prescription-only drug and before the NHS prescribed it routinely. The reason my GP wouldn't give me it on prescription when I heard it had started to be prescribed was that I had already payed for it so he decided to be a... well I won't say what I thought of him... and told me I could just carry on buying it, even though I explained that I was really having to push myself to find the money for it - such a nice man!
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yes boots still do it its just finding a large branch that stock it,takes about an hour to fill the form out etc still same price,poor you with re to doc :( good luck
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Most good gp's are horrified at the amount it costs to just take Alli so I think I you explain the situation they will be good.

I went to my surgery for something completely unrelated to my weight and they chatted to me about my general health and then suggested I took the blue beauties if I wanted them. they were aware that my weight has been an issue for several years including 3 pregnancies so have been really supportive. it was the practice nurses who spoke to me about it rather than GP....although they presrcibe it obviously. Good luck in your quest x
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I get mine from my GP- though it wasn't offered untill i was diagnosed with diabetes.
I have to say i'm very lucky, my GP is very supportive. Some GP's are not convinced that Xenical is a good thing, so maybe trying another with the same practice.
Good luck


But you can call me Elise
S: 19st0lb C: 18st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.3 Loss: 0st2lb(0.75%)
Thank you all - the weird part is the day after I last posted I was clearing out my wardrobe and found a box of 4 full packs of xenical at the bottom of a plastic crate full of summer sandals - they are still just in date and so I have enough xenical for the next month :)

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