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How do you go from binge eating to SW?

First day and im already struggly.

I had toast for breakfast
Cheese sandwich for dinner
lambshanks and lots of veg for tea.

Ive nibbled on chicken slices,
ate a whole lot of cherry tomatoes,
BUT i still want to carry on :(

Im actually twidling my thumbs!!!!
stupid thing is ive got really bad acid reflux cus im over weight and have been eating/drinking too much.

You would think that would be enough to stop me, i dont think im hungry tho my tummy feels it, i guess cus of the amount ive been eating compared to a normal day.
any advice or what i can munch on :(
Im biting me flippin nails off now grrrr

ive used all my syns up too,
on 4 bacardis, VERY stressfull day :(
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i'm a binge eater hun still am. but now I do it healthy way. like you looking at your menu my meals aren't very big but I snack allday it seems to work for me.
hun when your sw conslutant said you can eat as much as you want of free foods she meant it. actually if you are hungry and don't eat your body might store your next meal so eat hun.
or you could increase your food at meals cause your meals don't sound like much and to be honest it doesn't sound like you have had alot allday so you can easiely eat more.
alot of people have a prob with sw getting there head round how much you can eat but those who do relise they loose more the more you eat.
i don't drink but how many syns are in a barcadi? does it count as 15 cause you can have 15 syns a day then you can cut back later if you need to.


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I'll tell you what I do, I look at what my favourate non-diet meals are and then I plan how to make them fit into the plan. So far here on this site I've found pizza, KFC, Chicken Biryani and veg curry, crisps, cooked breakfasts, chips, and chocolate cake. Doesn't sound like you can lose weight on such foods does it? In 13 weeks I've lost 2 stone 4 pounds!

There are recipe posts on here and also peoples food diaries, maybe you could look through those? OR...list what you would normally eat and set a challenge to us all to find you syn free or low syn alternatives?
thanks girls, its gonna take time to get sorted, ive got a free food book, so im going to do my shopping online to stock up, as not much in atm.

bacardi is 2.5 per shot :eek:
and as for find the foods i eat,
WHAT dont i eat lol
guess im a sausage rolls, crisps, lil cocktail sausages, choc, pudding, ice cream, cakes, hmmm not good lol
guess i need to find a list of treats i can have, and stop wasting it on booze, tho tis very stressfull atm, so not very easy, but i get over it, needs be atm, dont think i can cope with starting new eating plan and stopping drinking :rolleyes:
Hun I use up my syns on the dreaded drink, and I've actually found the syns cover it well enough! Get your head round eating as much as you want on the green/red/ee and use your syns for the treats and you will be fine :) Im a carby kind of girl and find green works best for me, I even found after a couple of weeks I was struggling to use up all my syns! Keep at it, you will be alright :)
here is what i have eaten today

4 morrisons sausage 2 syns egg free tomatoes free bacon free beans

baked pot salad tuna mayo 1 syn
banana clemintine apple muller light free
big bowl home made soup free
still got my hex a and hex b to have
witch i think is going to be tescos helthyliving roll cheese and meat might put some salad on for good mesures and still got some syns if i need something else if i fancy

if i had used all my syns and was still in need for something to eat there is lots of free food u can have as someone says it taes a bit getting use to keep at it it works just plan a bit more :)
I eat quite a bit there are quite a lot of free foods and low syn value foods. Using you hxetras too you can have quite a bit. If your unsure look at the recipes on here or buy a recipe book from your group. Iv got quite a few of the books now including the branded free food book. You have only just started so give yourself a break. Just follow the plan and it will work.
I used to binge eat everyday on chocolate, cake crisps ect but dont anymore as i just dont feel i want to and getting to target really drives me on. You can still have syns so you can have a choc bar or crisps, if you go to group you will have the password for the website and calculate the syn value on there. Good luck just remember that its best to eat because if you dont you wont lose as much or may even gain because your body will go into starvation mode. xx
thankyou soooo much gilrs,
and witchy theink im gonna pinch you food for the day lol
yeah i know, im being too hard on me,
its gonna take few weeks, and all night to do my online shop, damn ive got to get it in by 10pm, dont think so at this rate,
but thanks, youve all given me the boost i needed :)


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The first days are the hardest, your body is still craving the high sugar, high fat 'naughties'. like the others said, stock up on free food, fruit and veg. Cut up veg (peppers/carrot/celery anything you like as crudite) with cottage cheese, either as it is or blitz to make a 'dip'
SW chips, SW wedges with a syn free dip, or curry sauce ( i posted the recipe on a curry sauce thread)
free yogurts

As tinkerbellesmum said, your meals dont look very much, think i'd be starving on just toast and a sandwich til dinner.
This is the thread i started with my meal plans for the week, maybe they'll give you some ideas.
to help with your fave things
sausage rolls can be made sw way using bread recipe will be on board somewhere'
crisps you can make your own in mircowave or quavers (5) and french fries (4.5)
cocktail sausage you could use low syn sausages and chop into pieces
choco: theres loads of low syns chocolate small milky bar 3.5 mikados half a syn each or 7 for small box 11 for large. freddos 5 mini milk icecream 1.5
puddings and cakes theres loads of recipes on the recipe board.
ice cream can be made with mullers so syn free

hope this helps theres loads about you will get there
Twiddling your thumbs? That means you are bored, not hungry. Find something to do - preferably something that prevents you from eating at the same time.
lol nah i had just finished a 10 hour shift, so not bored, bloody tired lol
and i really was twiddling my thumbs to stop me eating, cus i twiddle my thumbs to stop me smoking, and other habits,
im a natural fidgit anyway!!!
Good thread, if you go into the top right hand corner and go through the search - put your fav meal in e.g. KFC and look for the threads with the recipes, you'll be surprised what you can snack on when your hungry.
Hi Gabby, from your food diary I can see that you're not eating nearly enough food. Make bigger meals and don't forget to throw in some snacks too. I'd be starving too if I only ate that. You can do a big fry-up (with frylight) for breakfast using free food, then have fruit for pud. A good idea is to have a look at other people's food diaries and pick up some tips. Good luck, ZX

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