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How do you handle a bad week?

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie (although I've been getting loads of tips/recipes from the boards for a while). I've had a really bad week this week and gone over syns on most days (4 puddings and one night out!). I'm just wondering what everyone does when they're pretty much certain of a gain? Do you go to group and stay for image therapy or sneak off after weigh in or not go at all? I know i should stay for the whole session but if my weigh in is really bad I think I might leave out of shame! :sigh:
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i did the same i even sent my consultant a text saying how embarrassed i was about coming in for my WI but seriously dont give up keep going and keep coming here we will spur u on!!

i think the image therapy is great cuz you will soon realise ur only human and we all do it!!

i say go! face the music and make ur self a promise that you will do ur best to try and get the gain off!! and dont be so hard on urself!! losing weight isnt a race although u might have some dates in mind that you want to slim down for!!

Devon Dolce

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Go, go, go to class! Not going because you think you've gained is a really slippery slope! I've just hoovered up a bar of Whole Nut, spent the weekend eating and drinking and can't wait to get to weigh in tomorrow night, see the damage and get back on track - other than the chocolate incident I was on track after the weekend but may have just undone any damage limitation! Good luck xxx
I would say is best to go to class and stay. If you don't go this week, you may never go back at all. If you have gained, during Image Therapy you should be offered support and empathy, certainly no criticism.

Go to class, draw a line and get back on the SW wagon!

Good luck.


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Absolutely agree with the others. Those weeks when you think you might have gained are the ones where you need to go to class more than any other. One missed week quickly leads to another and before you know it you are completely off plan and back where you started from, or worse - even heavier!
Just got in from the dreaded Weigh In, maintained which was a real shock as I thought I was going to have put on at least 2lbs! So I'm glad I followed your advice and went, and I stayed for group (although I had my b/f in the car and I think if I had a really bad gain I would have slunk off to cry!) Anyway I am really determined to have a good week now as I haven't had a decent loss for a few weeks. Thanks for the support everyone :)

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