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How do you know if you are in ketosis?

You can manage without the sticks.
Getting into ketosis takes between 3 and 5 days. (with no cheating)
You'll know when it happens, coz you'll feel well and stop feeling hungry.
Good luck!
Also your breath smells! hehehe
Lots to look forward to then haha :) smelly breath, furry tongue............. but no hunger hooray!

Must admit, am just feeling a bit peckish now........... here is where the willpower has to kick in lol
hi Judyb's description is spot on no matter how much i clean my teeth and togue the furriness just doesn't go away just 1 downside to the great lt diet.
Jinnie, glad to hear you are looking forward to the joys of ketosis!!!!!! How long it takes can depend on what you ate before you started. The less carbs, the quicker and easier it is.

If you do decide to buy the ketostix then test first thing in the morning as the levels will be higher at that time. After that drink plenty of water to flush the ketones out of your body. Any test later on in the day should read negative or pale pink.

Good luck hun.

Because I knew it was my last week of eating whatever I wanted......... plus because it was my 40th, I had sort of had a piggy week.

Rather than crave my fave foods, I've had them all in the last week! eek!

So had, chinese, indian, pizza, fish n chips, cheesecake, slap up meal at a really posh restaurant yesterday, crisps, mars bars and soooooo much more :eatdrink017:and so much plonk its unreal, so I'm guessing it will take me longer to get ketosis then?

Day one still and I am hungry now......... :(


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Ketosis hit me on day 3 and I had a vague kind of feeling, but luckily no headaches or any other side effects. I had a furry tongue by day 4 which made me constantly want to drink and nothing would rid me of it! I invested in some listerine strips and some mouth wash which helped for all of 5 seconds!

I have to say, recently I have noticed that the 'furriness' has gone. I thought that would remain for the entire time I was on LT, either that or I just don't notice it anymore!


Always welcome new m8's!
also your tongue goes furry and attempts to velcro its self to the roof of your mouth....well maybe its only me :)
Nope i get that too, alhough i say i feels like i licked the dog:D

Its true i dont feel hungry, but i still get cravings:cry: wish that would go away
My tongue is now only furry first thing in the morning!


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