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How do you know if you're being realistic or not?

I'm on my first week,second time round on SW and I have a lot to lose by feb next year.Reading through here and seeing the average kind of weight loss per week/month I'm now thinking I'm setting myself up for a huge disappointment.I spoke to my SW consultant and she said my goal was possible..but she would say that wouldn't she!
Is SW a slow and steady loss for everyone?I really want to do SW as it is so easy to follow but other more extreme diets are looking appealing to ditch the weight faster.Gahh I'm confused :confused:
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admittedly i have LOADS to lose but i lost 18lb 1st week..

good luck with your loss
Honestly? Id say you were being a bit ambitious. for a diet like SW you can expect to lose 1 or 2lbs a week, around half a stone a month..... so between now and Feb youre talking 5.5 months so realistically you could expect to lose just under 40lbs. You might be lucky and lose more but to hit your target youd need 11lbs EVERY month and really thats more a VLCD weight loss not a SW one.

Why not set your target to stick to SW until February instead of having a lb target. If you lose 45lbs youll have done amazing whereas just now if you lose 45lbs youll probably be disappointed as youll see it as a failure.

I think your SW consultant is being very unfair to say its doable... maybe it is - technically - but its probably highly unlikely
admittedly i have LOADS to lose but i lost 18lb 1st week..

good luck with your loss
But remember if you havent dieted and its your first week then you WILL lose a lot more, first week losses are generally higher but theyre not maintained

And I could be totally wrong (wouldnt be the first time) but if youre male then men have bigger losses than us girls too


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It is perhaps a bit unrealistic but you could be fairly close to target in 6 months. Admittedly it's not easy but that's not to say it's impossible. I lost 100 lbs in 11 months so that's an average of 9lb a month. But I was totally focussed on losing weight and stuck to the plan 100% and exercised 4/5 times a week from month 2 onwards.

Can I ask why it's so important that you lose it for that particular date? If you don't make the target are you going to be devastated. Personally I think it's better not to invest everything in reaching a particular number.


by name, wide by nature
But remember if you havent dieted and its your first week then you WILL lose a lot more, first week losses are generally higher but theyre not maintained

And I could be totally wrong (wouldnt be the first time) but if youre male then men have bigger losses than us girls too

the facial hair is caused by hormone imbalance.. or something... honest, lol:rolleyes:
Thanks for the honest replies :)
That particular date and weight is the next time we see the fertility consultant after trying for over 4 years to have another child.I have to have a BMI of 30 or below to start on the fertility drugs so I guess I'm extremely desperate to hit that target :eek:
I am and will be following 100%,started 20mins twice a day on my exercise bike and will be swimming 4 times a week plus daily doggy walking..
BUT I see that I'm probably being far too over ambitious! Oh well..all I can do is my best ;)
Scary thing is my consultant worked out I needed to be under 12 stone to have a 29 BMI..but I just checked and it's 14 stone...SOOOO she was telling me it was realistic to lose NINETY lbs in 6 months:eek:


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Hiya Hayleyberry

I've got to be honest..... its totally possible. We're talking about 4.5 stone in about 6 months. That's about 26 weeks at a 2.5lb a week loss. Well why not..... theres a lady at my group who has lost a jaw dropping totally staggering 7.5 stone! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Since last October!!!

Its not always slow and steady its what you make it. If you remain focused and on plan you'll do it. In all honesty its your best option, like you said other plans leave you feeling hungry ie WW and fad diets are short term and not really practical and you end up putting the weight on as soon as you start eating normally again.

So my suggestion is just go for it.... you have nothing to lose but weight!

Remember to drink plenty of water and ONLY EAT WHEN YOUR HUNGRY not just because its free food and because you can. You will lower your weekly weight lose or even gain if you eat food just because it's free food and your not hungry. And if your peckish have a drink of water before you eat in case your not actually hungry. Also maybe consider limiting your syns to 5 a day. Pretend you don't have them and use them carefully, but definitely have your HEX A and B's.

Comparing isn't always a good idea, remember every one's body is different. Just because one person lost 0.5lb or 8lb doesn't mean you will or wont. Red green or EE they all work. If someone lost 6lb on green doest mean you will or wont. The plans all work, they are just different because we are all different, with different lives and tastes. Pick the combination that suits you so that you enjoy doing the SW plan. That way you'll be more likely to stick to it.

I really hope you don't think I'm nagging but you sound like you really want to do it but are worried it wont work. It will! Believe in yourself and the plan. You can do it...... and you've got Minimins too!! ;)

Good luck in you journey xx
We have a lady in group who has lost just over 4 stone in 26 weeks. Her loss has been consistently good but she has had some slower weeks and so that sort of loss is realistic. I got my 3 stone sticker after 4 months and I have not been 100% although I've been about 92% and done lots of exercise.
All you can do is your best. Whether you hit that target or not is only in your control up to a point. Some people stick to plan 100% and may lose much slower than others. Yes people with more to lose tend to lose bigger numbers but it's not always the case, there are weeks I've lost very little or had a STS whereas a lady close to target has lost 3-4lbs so it varies which is frustrating but as long as you stick to it you'll be an awful lot closer to your target than if you don't start.:) I've lost 6.5 stone since March having stuck 100% every day except 2. Do your best, you have a great goal to keep you motivated and it's surely better to be on a healthy sustainable diet in the long run. Good luck.:)


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I don't know if it is doable, I don't have enough experience with SW. However, I would like to wish you all the luck in the world on your weight loss journey.
My advice is to stick with SW as its a lot better to lose weight steadily, than it is to drop dramatically. Your body will need to be in tip top condition in February, not in 'starvation' mode. If your fertility consultant can see you are losing weight in a healthy fashion they are more likely to consider starting you on to the meds than if you are doing it in an unhealthy way.
SW, although a diet, it is also a healthy eating system for life.

Good luck.
just wanted to say good luck with it all and that we have loads of ladies on the forum & at group who have continued with slimming world through conception, pregnancy, breast feeding and beyond so it's a super-healthy diet for mums/mums-to-be as well :)


I would say that its achievable, but it depends how you approach it.

You have to take lots of things into account, your body is not a machine, weight loss is not linear, hormones water retention all play a part.

But you have a very important goal to focus on and for.

Why not try it, harness your focus and see how you get on by say New Year and then take re-stock of where you are at?

That means 4 months, or approx 18 weeks to see just how much focus you can use. That will give you a better idea of what to do in the two months leading up to Feb. That way if you are still looking for a bigger loss you can look at an alternative plan then but;

You have approx 25 weeks from today until 5th Feb.

Thats 2.44lbs a week and I don't think that's unachievable if you stick to the plan to the letter.
Good luck!
WOW! thankyou all so much..you guys are fab :) I will join the trying to conceive forum as soon as I can but it's teling me I need 20 posts.
I fully appreciate that it's not ideal to be working towards a fixed date and LOVE the idea of setting a mini goal and then giving myself time to start a more extreme plan if I need to.
Thanks so much all for all the encouragement every one :) xx
Hayley, it may well be that if you go back with a reasonably good loss, even if you dont make target, and tell your consultant that you have been following slimming world, that they will let you go ahead anyway. Even if you arent "quite" there, the fact that you have been making such good efforts will go a long way towards their decision. When I had problems with TTC, they were quite crafty in the way they made me go about losing weight, telling me they thought I would need an op and would need to lose weight for it. It gave me the focus I needed to work towards. As it turned out, no such op was needed and Clomid did the trick after I lost the weight. The healthier your body is, the better chance you have of any treatment offered working. The fact that you are following SW shows that you are taking this weight loss seriously, but not doing anything daft in order to achieve it.

Good luck! I am sure the TTC board will be happy to see you when you get the magical number of posts.

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