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How do you know when it is the RIGHT time to start RTM?


Playing the Angel
Something I have been pondering and hoping for some sound advice from those that have already done or are in RTM. Originally when I started LL I set a goal weight, which I am now below - just, then I re set it 5kg lower which I am well on my way to, then re set it again for another 2kg under that to give me a few kg to keep as my "breathing space." I had always planned to have at least start my first week of RTM whilst on holiday on the 11th September. I chatted with LLC tonight and said that I thought I would like to start RTM approx 9 September. I should manage to loose the last 5.5kg between now and then. He said that if I wanted to that was fine, but if I felt I did still have a little more to loose that I should rather stick with it. I have been thinking over the last few days now that RTM is getting closer for me, that perhaps I would like to go a little lower again still. Or perhaps I am just enjoying the safety of abstinence?? The part of me that had a bit of an eating disorder in my youth worries me, where I think well, if I set another lower goal, then I might just do it again after that and when will I be satisfied with my loss - let's face it this is an easy way to loose weight fast when you are used to abstinence. I still really want to bet rid of my belly, which is still a little to "there" for my liking. I also realise that I was succesful in abstinence in Paris for 10 days, and whilst visiting my parents previously and over other occasions like birthdays etc. I know my parents would not mind if I was abstinent while on holiday... so the question (and forgive all this long rambling) how did you know you were in the right place to start RTM?

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Ooooh, good question

This one comes up often Jez and we are all different.
It's very tempting to keep re-adjusting the goal lower. You are in a successful familiar routine with abstinence and it's much easier than re-introducing food with all the temptations that brings.
Some people start RTM with about half a stone left to go and hope to lose it during those 12 weeks on RTM. For me, I knew that would be hard, so I got down to my target weight which gave me a 7lb. margin for blips,fluctuations. It has worked well for me. I've been maintaining since mid-December now - up and down a few pounds here and there - but within my comfort zone.
Good luck whatever you decide.

Jo B

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I know the feeling Jez! When I started LL I thought if I could get to 12.5 stone I would be happy - it was still a stone overweight but I thought if I could get to within a stone of a healthy BMI I would be happy (bearing in mind that at my heaviest I was 19 stone 9). Then I got into the groove and thought I would get to my healthy BMI of 11.5 stone, now I am going for 10 stone something. Part of me would like 10.5 stone. Most of that is to get rid of my stomach as much as possible which is the part of me I hate (and always have done). I am relatively content in abstinence but I also want to get into RTM and start eating again as I have missed out on a lot of social occasions recently. It's not the be all and end all by any means but I want to start feeling a bit less like a leper when I go out!
I think only you can decide when enough is enough - listen to your LLC as well as listening to your own body and mind. Speak to friends and family that you know will give you an honest answer (not those that were telling you 2 months ago, "oh haven't you lost enough").
I don't think this will have helped in anyway - sorry!
hi jez
for me i started 3 weeks before i had planned to for a couple of reasons.
my 'timetable' over this summer has been really busy and starting when i did fitted in well with various holidays/trips/celebrations

the other reason was that i could see my rib cage at my chest area and didn't like it!

i'm on week 11 of RTM now and am actually wishing i had stayed to my original plan as i have put 7lb back on and am now at the top of my comfort box.

but everyone is different - good luck with your decision
daisy x
Hi Jez

Can only agree - it's a tricky one! I started RTM about half a stone over my goal (which I had actually revised down, so I was actually below my original goal), did RTM for a few weeks, then decided I had made the wrong decision, so am back on abstinence for a few weeks to lose that half a stone.

Not a lot of help I know, but just thought I'd share my experience!!

Good luck x
lucy- how far down RTM did you go? will you have do it all again or a short version?
daisy x
Hi Daisy

Got to week 4 on RTM. Asked my LLC if I could restart from week 4 next week, and she said that was absolutely fine - which is just as well as I am going on holiday in 4 weeks, so wanted to be at least on week 5 by then so I could have my (much missed) wine!!
I missed my wine too -or so I thought.
I used to have some almost every night before LL.
I was so looking orward to it. Surprise and disappointment - after 10 months on LL I'm not bothered about alcohol at all.
Have the odd glass occasionally to be sociable but I can take it or leave it now, amazing!
Surprise and disappointment - after 10 months on LL I'm not bothered about alcohol at all.
Have the odd glass occasionally to be sociable but I can take it or leave it now, amazing!
LOL SB. I do hope I won't find the reverse works!

Pre LL I could take or leave alcohol as I got out of the habit with three pregnancies and breast-fed babies in quick succession. I hope I don't develop an alcohol obsession.
I found I needed to start RTM about 1 stone over my target weight (13 st 2) I had started upping the exercise and found that I was feeling tired all the time. My body was definitely telling me it was time to stop abstinence - I'm now in week 6 of RTM and have lost about 5-6lbs during this time - but I expect that'll go back on once I start adding carbs back in and the glycogen in my liver gets replenished.

Mind you people don't believe I'm still a stone overweight....


Playing the Angel
Thank you all for your insightful answers. It appears it really is a very personal decision for all of us. I think I will carry on for the next 3 weeks in abstinence and see where I am. If I am feeling comfortable then I will start RTM, if not I will do another week or 2 of abstinence. As much as I am soooooo looking forward to eating, and I really am now, I am looking at food in a whole new way again. I am also s**t scared of it all. I never want to be fat again. I am so worried that once food is re introduced I will find that I have not learned the lessons properly and want to stuff my face. Realistically I know my stomach has shrunk so probably wouldn't be able to eat any where near the portions I used to be able to eat. So all being even about 9th of September to start RTM. If I have got to my latest revised goal. If I am not there yet, continue with a few weeks of abstinence.

Thanks once again all, it is great getting advice from those "in the know"

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