How do you know when you're happy??


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Happiness....this is an emotion that really fascinates me as I often wonder how do we know when we get there???

Though I totally believe in the saying "Happiness is the journey not the destination"...I would still question how many of us really buy into this! What do you think?
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Good question very well thought out as well I would say.
I do have moments where i just think do you know what i am really happy right now.
That said they dont last forever and I think hapiness is a series of moments and not a permenant state of mind.


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Yeah....I'd agree with "a series of moments"! Also, can a series of moments induce a permanent state of happiness??? Even more food for thought.....


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For me I think I am a happy person, it is at my foundation... and my favourite time of day is...morning....I love the morning...

But I am married to a man who is not a morning person and also have a son who is also not a morning its just me and my dog:D

I do get depressed at times and overwhelmed and lose my way...but I always come back to feeling happy...happiness to me is a state of mind.

But then this is what I think and others might see me completely different?

Sure as long as I think it, does it really matter what others think? LOL:D


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On the whole I think i am a happy person. Being happy to me is to enjoy the little things in life and tiny little things makes me laugh, its true what they say - its the small things in life.

I have crushing lows and panic alot...but when things are right - i just know, inside i am happy when i feel content and relaxed and chuffed about things.

I certainly cant define happiness...but being around loved ones brings me alot of wellbeing and comfort - and as the Irish are all bonkers - a smile on my mush also.

Keep Smiling!


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Happiness is an 'on balance' feeling.

Even the happiest of people can have the most terrible of times. Conversely even the unhappiest of people can find moments of pure happiness. :)

To me it is about what your life is like as a whole.


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When I'm happy, I'm not worrying about anything, I feel like I could fly (I know that sounds weird).. I'm smiling all day, doing nice things for as many people as I possibly can and trying to make everyone else around me happy!!:)


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Good question very well thought out as well I would say.
I do have moments where i just think do you know what i am really happy right now.
That said they dont last forever and I think hapiness is a series of moments and not a permenant state of mind.

I totally agree with the above.

What scares me is not recognising so well when I am really down. The days when I just go back to bed and feel I am a terrible failure at just about everything in my life. As I come out of it, can be a few days or weeks. I think OMG I was feeling so bad. Sometimes I'm scared I won't come out of it at all, and think of it as a 'normal' way to feel. Am I mad or does anyone else ever feel like that?

Sorry don't mean to drag this thread down to depression. We are supposed to be discussing happiness. :rolleyes:
For me happiness is the general on average state i'm in. My moods and feelings are very immediate - i can literally be singing on top of the world one minute and 30 seconds later feel as Dee describes. I irritate myself that i have such extremes of emotion - they are not quirks they are real feelings.

My hub and i have an incredibly analytical relationship - which is a bit exhausting sometimes - can be getting on brilliantly for ages and then a couple of days of not so well can lead to massive - state of the marriage discussions.

I do try to keep perspective when i'm feeling low - and think about the on average feelings over the last few weeks. Thinking about it for this thread though i only do that about my marriage and not the rest of my life - will try to get the same perspective on that!

Think that we can be happy in different areas of our lives - for instance over the last few years have been very happy on balance in my marriage, unhappy but then happy in my work because i've changed the things that made me unhappy and mainly unhappy about my weight. However after having therapy i feel much much happier in myself, my self esteem is far greater, my relationships with my family make me happier now that i have learnt how to deal with them and i really feel that i have grown as a person which definitely makes me happy!

(Sitting in my sunny kitchen with the kids still asleep reading this post to my hub as he's stiding about in his undies having him anxious to point out to you all how i'm very happy since i met him has made me very happy!)