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How do you make mousse?

Sorry I can't help been wondering this myself.
Is it just like eating a paste ?
hmmm well i attempted one this morning it was okay i made it into a thickish paste then put it in the freezer for about 5 minutes! lol went down well!
Is it a LL mousse? Or are you using CD mix-a-mousse with LL packs?

When I make mousse, I use a bit more water than stated (but use whatever suits you - or what's recommended on the pack).
I use VERY cold water out of the fridge.

Put the shake powder into my blender cup / container and then plonk a heaped scoop of MAM right in the middle so it's 'floating' on a raft of shake powder.
Then I quickly zizz it up with my stick blender (or even better, my Hinari genie blender ... )

You have to do this quickly so the MAM doesn't stick to the sides of the container or begin to clog as it meets the liquid.

After a good zizz, I pour it into a bowl then leave it in the fridge to set (about 15 mins).

Less water gives a firmer consistency ... a bit more water makes it more like blancmange. :)
Mix-a-mousse is a Cambridge product (I also use it to make jelly out of water and CD flavouring).

I think you can buy it from the Cambridge website (although I get mine from my CDC). Don't know if it would be 'officially' sanctioned by LL but as we use it on Cambridge and they work on the same VLCD principle I can't see why not.

Any CDCs able to take this one?

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