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How do you make the time go faster?


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You know when you were little and it was like three months til Christmas and you couldn't WAIT to see what Father Christmas would bring you so every day you'd say to your mum "is it nearly Christmas yet?"

Well that's how I feel about the end of this diet. Which I reckon for me will be in about April (I think my Feb finish date is a tad optimistic).

Which is EIGHT MONTHS away.

One month down and I've read loads of posts from people saying "it'll fly by". But it isn't. Every day is painfully slow and every weigh in seems a million miles away.

So, how do you make it fly by?
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maybe the time is going so slowly because you are dwelling on the diet? are you enjoying the diet ? i have lost 2stone 3lbs in 8 weeks and i cant believe its weigh in night again tonight. I have honestly found that the weeks have gone so very fast .


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pretend eight months from now is the biggest, nastiest, most terrifying, un-prepared for, important presentation of your career. Then it'll be here tomorrow.


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I have a calendar on my desk that has things coming up etc. on it, it goes all the way until Feb next year (my best mates wedding) and I cross off each day and there is a space for comments which I add like 1 stone lost etc.

I also have the fabbo spreadsheet (from this website) which I fill in, and have joined the 'X' chain thingy too.

The calendar is best though, I love counting down to mini goals


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Join the monthly challenges - the end of the month comes round scarily quickly!


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One month down and I've read loads of posts from people saying "it'll fly by". But it isn't. Every day is painfully slow and every weigh in seems a million miles away.

So, how do you make it fly by?
AMEN to that! This website has become my best friend!!! the hours go by painfully sloooow. Weekends are the worst. I know when i go on holiday for 2 weeks, it'll fly by though, and then... routine will settle back in. I don't have a truthful answer that'll cheer you up on this one. Just keep at it and we'll all support you.:sigh:
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I find it goes so slow, probably cos I am not working at the moment, so I spend way too much time on here, try to go the gym everyday and find something to do.

Good luck with keeping busy and hoping time flies by for ya!
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MY WI's come around soooo fast it seems but the week time seems to drag, but when I look at the bigger picture time has flown by!


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feels like times dragging for me too every week i just feel like im waiting for my weigh in, but the thought of being little by xmas perks me up i figure it took me about 4 years to put the weight on so 6 months to loose it again isnt so bad.


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I only get weighed every other week and I try not to think too much about the diet - other than when I am on here! The packs are just part of my life and what I eat (with the odd exception for a SS+ day). I am in week 17 (I think) and I think I have only got through it as I focussed on the longer term rather than hour by hour or day by day - in the main, although some days are harder than others and I need to break it down.

Looking at your stats you have already moved through 3 stone bands - isn't that amazing???

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