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How do you manage... when you finish SS?

S: 18st8lb C: 18st8lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi everyone :),

Right this is only my 3rd day and for me im going strong. Just making BF homemade tomato soup lol.

Now my question is how do you manage once you finish SS. Im just so worried about putting all the weight back on once ive finished. Im AM!! going to go all the way to the end, which will be a loss of +9 stone, with a break of 12 days.

What meathods has everyone put in place once you have finished SS?

Any help would be appreshiated

Nessy xx
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S: 18st8lb C: 18st8lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Im going to france, for the Tour de France, which will mean alot of cycling for me, and i really would like to try the french food over there. But as soon as i touch Manx soil again i am on the diet till the end. Hope that makes helps


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So do you want tips for after the diet or for your 12 days hehe?

For 12 days, to make it easier to get back to SS it would be good to eat low carb 2 meals a day and carbs 1 meal a day, so you don't get too many carbs in. But I don't know how much carbs you need for intensive sports, not very knowledgeable about that. If you need carbs, have carbs, but you can have protein too as protein is very filling etc!

Wouldn't want you fainting or something so make sure to think about what your body needs etc!! ;-) Also, do not be alarmed if you gain 2-3lbs back instantly! That's just your glycogen stores replenishing coz you eat carbs again!

For after CD journey... well, you can have everything. Just have more good than bad hahah. For me that means more veggies than meat and more meat than carbs on my plate for dinner. And I get to have 1 snack / desert / sugary drink a day (max, on some days I don't.).

I tell myself I can have xx amount of xx food etc. For me it works to work out what I will be having the day before. I try not to have too many carbs and leave some calories for a snack. :)

I'm doing okay so far.. have just been maintaining my CD loss for 2 days so doesn't really count yet I guess ;-) Did do the steps up like this though and it went fine.

It's very doable and there will be tough times! Just don't let 1 blip cause a big pile of blips! ;-)

Hope this is what you meant, sorta anyway?



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As long as you work up the plans properly & don't eat more than the amount of calories your body needs to maintain your weight then you should be fine.
It's all about being in control & making sensible decisions about food.
Alot of people on this diet find out what triggers them to overeat, so this is going to be a good journey for you.
Try not to worry about what happens at the end just yet, just concentrate on getting there.

Good luck. x

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