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How Do You Mix Yours?


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Any ideas how to crush ice, i use a braun hand whisk to mix my shakes/soups?

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I gave up with my LL shaker after the first 2 shakes :(

I use a hand held blender I got years ago from QVC but I don't know what make it is.

It is very powerful and crushes ice to make icecream with no bother.

I love my blender :D

For the soups I just add a small amount of hot water to make a paste using a fork and then gradually top up. I use cold water to bring it to a reasonable temperature as I don't like hot hot drinks and it would take longer than the recommended 15 mins for it to reach a temperature that suits me otherwise :rolleyes:


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I've got a shaker like that - bought it from Holland & Barrett! Pretty much guaranteed no lumps, and 700 mls of water easy :cool:


Got a life thank you!
Hmmm, I was using my Kenwood Frothie maker but it kept blowing the electricity in the house and eventually blew itself up.

So I use a hand blender now, which is great as it makes fabulous ice cream too.

I use it for everything.

That shaker looks just like the one we got on LL. I rarely use it though as it always makes it all lumpy.


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Lots of vigourous shaking (good for the bingo wings) and no more lumps!! ;)
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I'm a regular 'Inspector Gadget' ... I first bought a Braun Hand blender - great! Then I upgraded it to a more powerful Braun Hand blender with other attachments - fab! Now I've also bought a Hinari kitchen genie on the advice of Mummy.Debbie (where is she by the way??) and I'm loving that too!

Now, I make my shakes with the genie because it has cups that you can mix the shakes in then just screw on a coloured ring and it turns into a cup - less washing up - and I blend my soup with the Braun.

Debbie x


Got a life thank you!
Isobel1965 said:
Ah - the secret is to keep your bottom dry, darling!
ROFL!! I try to keep my bottom dry honestly but it is all down to the water honestly!


Got a life thank you!
Isobel1965 said:
Flopster - I was referring to the bottom of the KFroffyMaker as you well know - norty lady!
Tsk tsk - whatever did you think I meant?


Of course I meant the Frothie maker - what else could I possibly have meant?

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