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How do you refeed?

Hey guys x

I`ve come to the sad conclusion that I am either going to try refeeding or maintainance as my poor body can`t cope with the digestive meltdown it`s suffering from having no food :(

I`m disappointed cos (without blowing my own trumpet) I`ve been brilliant at sticking to the diet come what may and have been coping well with it I think. But my digestive system has just totally shut down and i`m in so much pain all the time :( I just don`t think it`s worth it when it`s detrimental to my health :(

I will go back to low fat/cal eating and exercise and hope to continue losing weight this way. At least I`ve got myself nearly a stone lighter the last 2 weeks.

I would prefer to just start eating to be honest to try get my body back to normal(for me lol) but not sure how it works?

I would appreciate any advice,


LiSe Xxx
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Thanks for the reply xx

Would this menu be ok for first week? It`s a bit repetitive, But I want to be "safe" even if it means eating the same thing lol

Day 1 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Shake

Tea - Fish, Lettuce & cucumber


Day 2 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Fish, Lettuce & Cucumber

Tea -
2 slices of low fat ham, Lettuce & Cucumber


Day 3 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - tiny jacket tater (plain)

Tea - Fish, Lettuce & Cucumber


Day 4 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Pitta with prawns, Lettuce

Tea - Salmon fillet in Garlic/Herb? 1 floret of cauli & 1 floret of broc


Day 5 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - small jacket tater & prawns

Snack - piece of fruit?

Tea - Fish, Lettuce, Cucumber


Day 6 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - 2 slices of low fat ham, Lettuce, Cucumber & red onion

Tea - Salmon fillet, 1 floret of cauli & 1 floret of broc


Day 7 -

Breakfast - Shake

Lunch - Pitta with prawns & lettuce

Tea - Fish, Lettuce, red Onion & Cucumber


LiSe Xxxxx


maintaining since June'09
What do you mean by your digestive system having shut down?? I'm not sure how long you've been doing LT - is it the 2 weeks you mention in your post? If it is and you mean you're not going to the loo - that's not unusual and can be sorted.
However if you've decided definitely to refeed I'd say you need to follow the 'sheet' a bit more closely and you don't have enough carbs on your menu as it stands. You need to introduce them as per the refeeding advice if you're not to experience a sudden gain.

Best of luck whatever you decide. xx


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OH can you not have a huge chat with your chemist and sort the problems, LT is designed to give you everything you need and im sure if you found it easy to stick to the chemist can sort any problems i think it would be best for you if you carried on as you were doing so well


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Sacred

If you do want to refeed, you are not giving yourself enough at all....have a look at my refeed diary or Nicholas or Aiofe who have all been refeeding the past week or so.

Was it you that mentioned about pains in your stomach when you have the shakes? I know I had them most of the way through to be honest...but I just learnt to cope with it.

Make sure.....just checking.....you are not kinda making it an excuse. I say that in a lovely way, not in a condemnationary way (if there is such a word). I just know that there were times when I would find an excuse and think, "right, I need to come off this", but I knew deep down inside I wanted to carry on more than anything as I knew LT could work and I could lose the weight at last.

I would certainly do what Katy suggested and have a good long chat with your pharmacist.

Keep us all posted and let us know how you get on.
Thanks all for the helpful replies xx

Scotmist hun, I appreciate what you said and didn`t take offense x

It`s not tummy pains, I have had trouble for years and actually wonder if I have IBS or something or allergies as I get the same problem with my digestive system shutting down if I eat too much bread and my dad was coeliac so wonder if there is a link.

Ok next bit is TMI lol

The pain is because like I said my DS grinds to a halt and from trying to go I bleed etc (tmi bit) and I just find it hard to cope with the pain of it all etc :(

If I could just keep my body working I would be ok. So I have been for my 3rd weigh in today (lost 4lbs :D) and have bought a tub of fibreclear and will try senokot and see if that will keep me going and take it 1 week at a time.

I REALLY don`t want to give up on this. I have stuck to it 100% and it`s working for me. I just don`t know if I can cope with the side effects :(

1 week at a time, If I really can`t cope and things don`t improve, At least I gave it my best shot :)

Re my food diary, I`m panicking I will put loads of weight back on if I eat :( Carbs are not my friend :( I bloat hugely when I eat them anyway, So am very worried they`ll have a worse effect after this diet :(

Hugs and love to all, Thanks for the help Xxx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Sacred

I know exactly where you are coming from ...now, regarding the DS, etc.....even now I am refeeding I am still struggling and I too bleed (sorry girls)...my stools are like rocks - even now! But I have shy bowels (as my friend and I call it)...when on holiday I can go 10 days without going!! It is a standing joke. No joke mind you.

It is probably your body...not necessarily LT. I know that doesnt help, but if you are generally struggling in that dept, it will be made 10 times worse with not eating much. I got the fibreclear and it did nothing. Apparently, it isnt a laxative, but it just softens the stools, so I suppose that will help. I did use the duculax which worked, but I have since read that it is too harsh for people on VLCD...but to me it was the last resort!

Are you drinking enough by any chance?

You are doing incredibly well and if I were you I would try to persevere a bit longer and try not to get to stressed about the whole digestive thing..that makes it worse.

Re: being petrified of putting weight on!! ahhaah.....I am the expert there after my WI last week!! It was awful and my fears were like yours. But, to be honest Sacred,,,we need to learn to have things in moderation and we need to live in the real world! People go on diets, then think they can come off, eat what they like afterwards, but it just doesnt work like that. You will have to learn control.....simple as that...the food cant jump in your mouth! You have to physically put it in there and it is your choice as to whether you want to eat it or not. You can eat lots, but healthy..and I know really, we should be eating around 1500 just to stay alive....but if you want to keep losing, reduce to around 1200, but using healthy options.

I too have a carb problem...and I am going to go and have it checked out at some point, but when you come off LT and refeed you NEED NEED NEED to reintroduce carbs in a specific manner or you will fill your glycogen stores and will gain weight (not fat, but water initially)..so it is so important that you follow the re-feed to the absolute letter. Even if you do gain, it isnt fat!!!
I have lost what I put on, cause I cheated and stepped on my scales (which I never do, but I had to).....so, it is true that it evens itself out.

You need to use the time wisely whilst on LT..LT isnt the answer....if you have issues, try and deal with them whilst you are not eating....get yourself on the internet and read up as much as you can, but sweetie, at the end of the day, the buck stops with you! Why put yourself through a TFR program only to put it back on because you havent reintroduced food in a controlled manner..it is the maintenance part that is the hardest,,,but look at those maintaining!! It can be done.

Anyway, sorry for this waffle..I just could understand your fears and suppose wanted to give you a little help in knowing it can be done and it is normal what you are feeling at the minute.

Well done though on your weight loss...that is great and you are doing so well!

Take care.


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Scotsmist, found your post really interesting and useful. I don't have the DS that unfortunately you both do, my sympathies, however, I am petrified of putting the weight back on afterwards, and your post made the re-feed very easy to understand, especially the recommended calories per day. Good luck with your process, I am afraid to say I will probably be coming back to you when my time comes.


maintaining since June'09
Hi Liz - I hope you don't mind me butting in ... I just didn't want you to think Iris (Scotsmist) was ignoring your comments. In case you aren't aware, she's on holiday at the moment. I'm sure she'd appreciate them and will get back to you - assuming she sees them, when she gets back.

I'm sure you'll do fine when the time comes :) x


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I probably have seen it somewhere, but thanks anyway. Butt in as often as you like lol

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