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How Do You Remove Your Unwanted Hair ?

Hey everyone... I have a question. I have facial hair on my lip and chin. Daily I shave it off with a regular razor and shaving cream. However over the years of me doing this, I have a dark shadow (I guess u call it) on my lip and chin. I think its in grown hairs or something but I'm not sure.

I know I can wax it off.. but I have never done that myself. And I don't want to wait 3 days for me to have a full beard on my face to get it waxed at a salon. My God... what if I have a job to go to you know... people gonna talk about LOL.

So what is your method to remove hair... to make it (smooth as a baby bottom) smile. I need some tips. -smile.
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I pluck mine and when they are really bad I use an electric shaver also got cream off doctor but every time I use it I break out in more spots. It is so embarrassing I try nit to stand close to people so they can't see
could you wax? i dont suffer from excess hair so i cant really help you. sorry.
u could bleach it? it depends how long it is really. but bleaching it usually looks more natural, my friend used to shave her belly hair and it just grew back thicker. dont know if the face is the same? xxx


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I used to pluck, don't care what anyone says it came back thicker, as does shaving and cream for me anyway. I get it waxed, started waxing the fair haired upper lip too and it's turning dark. So now I just wax the chin every week and bleach the upper lip and cut it. I think any trauma to the hair stimulates blood flow so once you start....

As for people noticing, I hate hate hate to say this to you, but they probably already have. The chin hair grows back softer after waxing and I just use makeup to cover it, I should bleach it too really. When I get this weight off I'll do laser/electrolysis after a few months when my hormones settle. As an aside, my friend told me that the hair on her legs grows coarser when she eats lots of meat, I wonder how much hormones are to blame for our predicament??

Lastly, I'm so sorry that you have to deal with this problem. Every day I'm aware of it, women without it don't know how blessed they are. I hope you find the solution that works for you.
I never thought about bleaching my upper lip. I have a dark skin tone do the bleaching process come in different darker shade colors.


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I never thought about bleaching my upper lip. I have a dark skin tone do the bleaching process come in different darker shade colors.
I am sure if you go into a good beauty store and ask them or ask a beauty therapist with your skin tone what she would recommend. I am a pale faced freckled brunette Paddy so I take advice from the ones who look like me for they've been there, Lord 'elp them. :eek: Go to someone in the know who looks like you or try a beauty forum, I'm sure someone can point you to the right product. All these little tricks we have to share with each other... ;)


Don't bleach, I'll be brutal here but when the light hits it you'll still see the hair.

Go get threading done. Lasts much longer than waxing as it catches all the tiny wee hairs that are too short for the wax.

See how that goes. You could, if you find that its still coming in more than you can manage, look into pulsed light or IPL hair removal,and see what is available from your doctor on the NHS?

I personally use a combination of plucking and threading and the hair on my upper lip is more downy now than thick. Hence why I don't bleach as the sun hitting downy hair will still look "hairy".



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Thanks for the advice Lexie, you're right of course, I just can't take anymore pain with threading/waxing and the whole thing is getting me down, fair hair I can deal with, dark hair though... :wave_cry:

I am at a loss, found a dark one on my cheek today. I cannot even think about where this is going. Except maybe kids sitting on my knee asking me where Rudolph is come Christmas. :rolleyes:

Silently screaming tonight. :mad:


Seriously pop along to your doctors and see what they say. I'm not a "pill for every ill" person if its manageable otherwise, butif it's getting you down you need to nip it in the bud.

Meds, IPL or laser treatment, I'm pretty sure can be covered by NHS, so go see what they recommend and explain you've tried with waxing/threading its just not making a dent.

Good Luck Xx
Hi I also have excess hair on my face and arms i can not use creams so i shave but the doctor put me on metformin to help it. It seems to reduce it hopefully when ive lost enough wei. ght it will go away for ever
Don't bleach, I'll be brutal here but when the light hits it you'll still see the hair.
I know :\ I use a combination of bleaching and removal cream for my upper lip - bleaching most weeks, removal roughly once a month (when it gets long enough to still be visible when bleached). My chin I shave every other day, and I shave my belly every other day when I shave my legs in the bath. :sigh:

Hope I can stop doing all this one day ...


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I wax, I also pluck my chin between waxes because it grows really fast.

I'm getting IPL (laser) on my face soon though, can't wait! Got a deal through groupon which means I get 6 treatments for 90quid instead of 900!!! Hoping it will work well in conjunction with the pill...as my hair is thick and dark, I'm a good candidate for IPL success.
Wow Fattack, that's a good deal! Hope it works well :)

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