How do you space your drinking out?

Hi all,

Im really really struggling with the drinking side of ss :(:(:(

Iv tried having four pints in the morning, 2-3 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening, Im almost gagging on the water now :(

Iv tried it warm, tried it cold, Iv had it neat and had it flavoured.

Don't know what else to do girls.

Any advice?


bm2lm xx
Hi,I struggle too but the thing that has helped is if I put the flavouring into sparkling water. I couldnt drink sparkling on its own but the berry flavouring really helped. Dont know if you've tried but it might help,

I found the water quite hard at first. :( Before CD I used to drink about two litres of water a day anyway (that's generally all I drink) but trying to push it up to three was surprisingly difficult. :eek: :( However I'm now on day 31 and four litres a day is now quite managable most of the time. :) :) I think what I'm trying to say is: you get used to it and it gets easier!! :D ;)
Try building up slowly as you get used to drinking add a bit more it may help. I tend to also drink most of mine by 8pm cause dont seem to drink much after that
Definately it does get easier as each day passes.

I suppose your body gets used to the amount you are giving it and craves it.
You do start to crave after a while, I still have loads now, I used to fill 1 x 2ltr bottle, and have before 1.30pm, fill it again and have that after, anything after was a bonus. If you do that and have a glass always to hand then its so much easier x
I do 1 pint before I go to work. Then have a 75cl bottle which I refill twice in the morning, then at least twice in the afternoon, or more likely 3 times, and again when I get home. So that's 5litres. Then in the evening I'll just drink pints of orange flavoured still or berry sparkling.

P. :cool: