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How do you stop yourself?

im ashamed to say it but my 'treat' night has got out of hand again and i am finding it impossible to keep my hands out of the biscuit tin on a tuesday night. I have no other bad food in my house, but joe has his biscuits, and although im not a mjor biscuit fan, im eating between 5 or a whole pack in one go depending on how bad it gets.. even with my attempts to get past it .. like for example, iv got off of here, with all good intentions and on a high, cooked a tea of bacon eggs and beans as its shop day tomorrow and then iv just eaten 4 after eights (not even sure how they got in my fridge, cos i didnt buy them! and 5 cadburys choc shortcake biscuits .. :'(
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Oh hun.
I understand how hard it is, many evenings have I been in the same situation! When I get like that, I tend to run a bath as it kills time and makes me sleepy so I want to go to sleep when I get out. or a really sugery tea (well...sweatener) does the trick. Sorted :D
Awww Fern! Sometimes it happens...it just does! I get it quite often actually. The only way I can stop it is to let myself have them rather than forbid myself. Get 5 out of the packet and syn them. Put them in front of you and eat them slowly and savour them. If you're not a biscuitty person, you might even find yourself putting two of them back! You never know?!
Either that or find something else to binge on? Like a massive fruit salad or make something like a couscous cake that isn't strictly sw-legal (depending on your view!)

Brush your teeth - that helps as well. You often don't want to get sugary stuff on them after and biscuits don't go with mint!

How about trying on some of your old fat clothes, and then your fave new slim stuff...remind you how far you've come.

Sorry hun - I don't know what else to suggest really!
I am the same - fine all day long until this time of day. I have to plan for it in advance and make sure I have SW friendly snacks on hand. I just had a meringue nest with low fat cherry yogurt - very nice and only 1.5 syn! Or I buy nice fruit, not apples and oranges that I eat all day every day, but mangoes, grapes, pineapple, strawberries.... Herbal teas are good too, and I like sparkling water. Or you can drink sugar free squash.

HTH and good luck! Don't give up and don't spoil all your effort from during the day! (((hugs)))
I tend to just let myself have a little bit - that way yes the craving has won but at least i have let myself have a small amount & that tends to stop me constantly thinking of it!!
Thanks guys, all really good ideas. I think tuesday nights is fault night because Wednesday is weigh in, so my 'goodness' tends to waver during the day slightly and then after weigh in is my treat night, b ut because i go to work and then do my food shop straight after, put it away and head to weigh in, so that i have my weeks foods ready for me to get back on track on thursday asap without any excuses, comes tues food is thin on the ground in the kitchen, and what is usually left is joes crap. He's now agreed to hide these things from me, but i feel rediculous for this being the case, but i have no officially ruined any chance of losing this week, as iv tried to be good but havn't been 100% as it is due to having lost my mojo this week.

unfortunatly theres no way out of treat night tomo, as its the one night of the week i see my best friend and as she doesnt sw too, its her treat night to eat what she likes also, if i sat and ate a salad i know it'd make her feel like she should be too, and thats unfair. I plan to just literally have my fish and chips and thats it tho, no extra sauces or my usual cheesecake and cream after, and then everything else i eat after i get home :O yes i know.. *hangs head in shame* LOL
i get weighted in the morning so my whole day is treat day which isn't good but i decided along time ago that i wasn't giving it up but now i stay in control cause i have a flexi day allow myself a set amount of syns and count as i go i usually find this wakes me up. other wise i just eat all day and everything.
other thing i have tried which works is i allow myself a t/a on wi day but i add up how many syns i have i don't take it off my totally syns for week.
i know we shouldn't do this every week i guess but its working and while ever it is i will keep doing it. (please don't jump on me)


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Find and outfit you REALLY want, but need to be smaller to fit into, and print off a picture of it and stick it wherever your danger zones are!

Remember this phrase 'fridge pickers wear big knickers!' I used to stick this everywhere. Contain your inner chimp, one of the girls has a little chimp in her signature to help her focus and shut her inner chimp up.

You can do this!! you just need to tap into your will power!!!


Never gets tired of SW!
Yep, it sure is hard sometimes!! I'm starting to get a bit like that on a monday night after WI! I seem to relax espesh if I've had a good loss and find it hard to stop picking once I've started!! I try and drink loads of water, remove myself from the kitchen, go upstairs and clean my teeth and then get absorbed in something I like to do eg read, watch telly, tidy something!! Distraction always helps!!X
I'm new to this so please tell me if this is a no-no but could you save a HEA and HEB and have a bowl of cereal in the evening? A bowl of cereal with crisp, cold milk really satisfies my cravings - it might be because I don't usually eat cereal though.

Also, an Options a day keeps the chocolate cravings away (and only 2 syns!!), make it up in a small cup and it is really chocolatey.


Naughty Fridge Picker
I'm new to this so please tell me if this is a no-no but could you save a HEA and HEB and have a bowl of cereal in the evening? A bowl of cereal with crisp, cold milk really satisfies my cravings - it might be because I don't usually eat cereal though.

Also, an Options a day keeps the chocolate cravings away (and only 2 syns!!), make it up in a small cup and it is really chocolatey.
I cant see why that wouldnt be ok, if your using your HeB and HeA I must admit I loved a bowl of cereal in the eveings and if that helps satisfy your craving and still within the plan, then why not hmmm?
Start the new week straight after WI. Any syns you have after this point have to come off your total allowance for the next day/week.

The reason why so many people cheat after WI is that it feel like those few hours are 'lost' in our SW weekly planning- if you have to account for them you may think twice about eating biccies when you know you will have to have less syns to make up for them



I want to be fitter again
Fern what I have started doing in those situations is to do nothing else at all whilst I am eating it. I sit on a hard chair no TV or music and stare at a blank wall. it somehow takes the pleasure out of eating for the sake of eating. i did this because I found myself eating a chocolate really fast because the guilt would pass quicker. What i learnt, is to focus totally on the chosen food and concentrate on every mouthfull chewing it and tasting it and then swallowing. It took longer to eat but I couldn't be bothered to have another one. It works for me and could be worth a go xxxx
You know yourself that you're going to have to stop doing this. No in-between, if you aren't synning the biscuits, you can't have them. Full stop.
I don't want to make you feel upset, but you are going to have to be strong and stop eating them. Make that your focus, because really it's a bad habit that's creeping in, and you might aswell stop it now as in a few months time when you can't get into your summer clothes because you've eaten too many biscuits that you don't really like anyway.
Try making scan bran cake or something similar because it is sweet and filling.

You have always had treats after WI so if you carry on make sure that it's because YOU want to not because you'll be letting your friend down - she's a grown up and will understand if you want to cut back after WI.

I hope you don't think I'm being harsh, but I so want you to feel confident with your eating again. xx


Trying again!!
I agree Eternity - I'm sure your friend will understand if she's dong SW too - tell her about your treats and that you want to pull back - hopefully it will be for this week only - you've achieved such a great loss already and it doesn't seem like this little binge has made you happy so I think you'll feel worse if you have treat night again.

Good luck and thanks for sharing on here x
Perhaps you should look at all your award stickers and how far you have come .... be very proud of what you have achieved, and why you started the slimming world journey, your a success , that alone should keep you on track x i cant wait to be target x


Wishing and hoping!
I think detoxing helps but it is a killer as this week it has been hell with binge eating, I got horugh this periods where I can not stop eating crap (and a praise anyone on SW who can jsut adjust to healthiness, I think I am just too naughtie at times ;) ) I am gaining bck control with learning to say no and yeterday was 100%. it might help having the biscuits stored in a capinete with your OH having the key. I know if something is in my eyeview I will have it whether or not I deep down need it :( I know I am not good at having stuff in and know my weaknesses some people just can not cope and others can change.
I used to also have this problem,but before i decide to have 'lots of extra syns' i make myself an options hot chocolate and add quite a bit of sweetener,drink it and 9 times out of 10 this completely curbs my craving for anything sweet.Savoury food though is another matter!!LOL

You could also try brushing your teeth(!)it was a tip I read somewhere that when you feel like you are going to binge,brush your teeth then you are less likely to as you have clean toothypegs!!