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How do you use your syns?


yo-yo dieter no more!
Mostly treats! I have just had 50 g of low fat ice cream (4 syns) and a curly wurly (6.5), but I will use a few to improve the quality and my enjoyment of meals,for example, this morning I was having fried eggs, but I don't like them done in fry light, so I just had 2 normal fried eggs (2 syns) and I added a few gravy granules and tom puree to my chilli tonight (2 syns). I would loathe to spend syns on soup when I can make a free one,same as pasta sauces etc, for me they are just not Syn worthy, each to their own though;)


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I'm the same as Nikki, mostly treats i.e. crisp to go with a lunchtime sandwich, or mayo light to go in sandwich, or save them up for a wine/beer at the weekend.

I've also used them for a weight watchers breakfast bars (i can't resist them with a cuppa) but i don't know the syn value of them, so am guessing at the moment.:eek:


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I use mine on 2 syns for 2 mugs of cocoa a day, maybe ketchups and sauces or an alpen light if I've used all my hex b's. I try and save lots for the weekends when we usually go out for dinner and have wine.


yo-yo dieter no more!
Just normal vegetable oil. The eggs are free,so it is only the oli they are cooked in that counts and the book has fried eggs listed as 1 syn each!
I do use kitchen towel to absorb extra oil before eating them, but still count them as 1 syn each!


Trying again!!!
I mainly use mine for treats such as crisps, wine/gin and chocolate but I sometimes use them for sauces, mayo, etc. I try to save most of mine for the weekend x
I found the best way to get nice 'fried' eggs is to fry the bottoms in frylight in the pan and then when pretty well set i put them under the grill until firmish (i like runny yolks but set whites! - hate the runny whites on top bleugh) and spray with frylight before putting under grill.


I spend my syns 10 on treats (pomme bears/jellytots/chocolate bar) and 5 syns on meal stuff (love dolmio light 2syns 1/4 jar on sw chips with HEA cheese melted on top lol) like dolmio/brown sauce/mayo etc

mmmmmmmmmmm food :D


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eggs fried in oil are only HALF a syn each!


Big, busty and Blowsy!
According to the SW body opt. book I was given when I joined in Jan, YES!!!!!!
My syns vary depending on how I feel :) Sometimes it's a couple glasses of wine, sometimes I get picky and it's biscuits here and there, but mostly it's just additions to my meals, ketchup, stir fry sauce, etc.



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I mostly use mine for food, for example potatoes or rice on a red day, or a bit of marg on bread if I fancy it. I run my syns weekly instead of daily which works for me, I usually stick to 70 but have done a 105 week this week as I knew I had a meal out at the weekend.


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Harrie, as i'm now your new best friend, I think it's only fair I come to live with you in Spain!!!!! (How do you apply for a passport?!)
i have a flake every night i save 7 syns and i look forward to my choc fix all day long.
i use other syns for sauces etc. try to make my dinners as syn free as possible.
i do like a packet of cheese curls for lunch with my roll they're 3.5 syns.


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I must admit I use all my syns for wine !! OMG - I just announced that to the world and his wife.
I tend to have all free food, and then use my syns for a glass of wine - or 2 with my evening meal ..
Makes me sound such a lush doesn't it ??

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