How do you use your weekly points???

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by lyndz, 11 December 2013 Social URL.

  1. lyndz

    lyndz Full Member

    This is only my second week on WW and I had my work night out last week so the weekly points got written off!!! I weigh in on a Tuesday and I've already eaten 16 of my 49!!!

    Now what I've eaten the last two nights for dinner has been treats and would not be my usual dinner but I've been to Morrisson after work and they had stuff reduced and I couldn't resist!!! I still have loads left for the rest of the week and feel my daily points if I think ahead are enough but I'm amazed I'm within my points with what I've eaten!!!

    Just wondered how you guys use your weekly points??? XX

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  3. scoobysue

    scoobysue Silver Member

    I like to use mine on the occasional can of Strongbow,7pp. But usually it will be a treat to have 1/2 of one person meal shared with hubby as its always way too much for one.
  4. Cheekypasterfield

    Cheekypasterfield Rather comfy here

    I always use my weeklies (especially as I'm now on 26) I try to have a few days just with my dailys.

    I'm always using my weeklies on 'treats' or takeaway.

    At the moment I've really got into Hot chocolate (galaxy) with Baileys oh so yum and 7pp. I know I can reduce that with Options but I've decided that rather than having a substitute and still wanting luxury . I might as well have luxury but just less.

    My other treat I've got into is Kettle crisps.

    I will always suggest you start with eating all your weeklies and if your weight loss ever plateaus that's when you can reduce them
  5. lyndz

    lyndz Full Member

    I don't feel so bad now!!!

    On Monday night I had 1/2 of a chinese meal for 2 from Morrisons and then yesterday I seen they had duck spring rolls and I had them for dinner last night. I have been really impressed with the plan as I don't feel like I am dieting at all (who could after what I've ate!!!) and because of the weekly points I don't have that usual dieters guilt!!!
  6. wendycroxs

    wendycroxs Silver Member

    I use my weeklies on treats and meals out hun :) xx
  7. Sweet as pie

    Sweet as pie Silver Member

    I generally use my weeklies at the weekends on nights/meals out or a takeaway.
  8. nicnocks

    nicnocks Full Member

    I get weighed on a thursday so on a thursday night i always have cake and custard and i use the rest of my weeklies on a fri and sat for crisps and chocolate, or a take away. Then i have sun -thurs just my dailys on the lead up to weigh in x
  9. LadyJo

    LadyJo Silver Member

    Depends if I've got an event at the weekend like a meal or night out I will save them if I've got nothing going on ill use a few as and when I want them. I get weighed on a Tuesday morning and this Tuesday just gone we went for a carvery at a pub that's just opened close by so I wrote them all off to be safe! X

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