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How do you view "big" people?


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Hi everyone

I was just wondering how you all view "big" people?
I read a lot of Health At Every Size and fat acceptance literature, and I believe that you can't tell how healthy someone's lifestyle is from looking at them. I also don't believe that big isn't beautiful.
My friend pointed out that I have a bit of a double standard going on, as I really do believe that but am always trying to lose weight!
Just wondered what you all thought.
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I don't really know. Sometimes I judge which is pathetic because I am fat myself. But I think a lot of that comes from my own insecurities and feeling that others are judging me.

I feel the same, I don't believe that Big isn't Beautiful, it's just that I would prefer not to be lol. This probably doesn't make sense I ramble quite a bit lol xxx


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I can honestly say that I view big people in exactly the same way as slimmer people.

I don't find them any less beautiful, unhealthy, lazy, greedy or whatever.

There's unhealthy, lazy, greedy people about be it slim or big. Unless it particular makes life difficult for me, I can't see that it's any of my concern anyway.

What a person chooses to do with their body is entirely up to them :)


can't speak French
S: 11st6lb C: 11st6lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
^well said!
I find the judgements of other people frustrating and I wish we could all stop attacking each other (especially women) and just be kind. It is difficult in such a fat-hating society though.


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As long as they are happy....who cares :happy036:

I dont judge people, its whats on the inside that counts.....i dont have time for people who are judgemantal.....if they dont like me for who i am then they can kiss my big wobbly butt cheeks :happy036:
Its funny, don't sit in judgement of folks irrelevant of size, colour etc... However, I'm not so liberal about judging myself when it comes to weight.


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S: 11st6lb C: 11st6lb G: 8st6lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
It's weird isn't it? I feel like my biggest fault is my weight as well - it's pathetic really, I couldn't care less about anybody else's size.
I'm not sure if I should really be dieting to be honest - I rejected commercial dieting and all that a few years ago and vowed I'd never diet again. My weight's been pretty stable and my health is fine, but I just can't seem to silence the little voice that says I need to be thinner to be an ok person. Part of it is vanity (I do like my clothes!) but I can't explain the rest of it. What drove me to get my credit card out and give SW money??? Possibly cos I think their diet is pretty sensible, but still, I'm not sure what's got into me.
Nobody wakes up and wants to be obese, just like a drug addict, food can be addictive too. When we eat the foods we love, our body produces chemicals that make us happy and feel good (serotonin).

So, we want to keep eating and feel good. This is a huge problem, education is lacking, the food industry does not care only people who have been there understand.
Some of the nicest, most intelligent people I know are quite obese.


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I don't think I judge people.

However, one of my friends (whom I love to bits as a friend) is very overweight; she's embarassed about her size and complains she can never find clothes, but she lives off junk food. Her and another of my friends regularly go to the kebab shop, eat fatty meats and drive everywhere. They go out drinking most weekends, and they'll drink beer and WKD (which, I'm guessing from the discustingly sweet taste, is full of sugar)-and they can drink so much. She doesn't drink water or squash or juice, she always has fizzy drinks. She knows she needs to change her habits, but she'd rather have the kebabs/fizzy drinks etc than cut them out or at least cut down on them. And when she moans about not being able to find clothes, I do feel a bit, not angry, but, well frustrated I guess.
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All i see is size im afraid - but its cos Im so self concious. But honestly when i enter a room im always looking to see and hopefully find someone bigger.

But I hate hearing people badmouth big people.

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Interesting thread.

I guess, the fact that we are on here trying to lose weight would suggest that we judge our own over-weight selves to be "wrong"

I have every admiration for the people on minimins who start their weight loss journey when they have so much to lose - it must take an amazing amount of strength and will power to change your life around like that.

For those who are seriously overweight and choose to stay that way.....do I judge them. Probably is the answer if I am being truly honest. As someone who has been overweight on and off for most of my life - and only maybe 2 to 3 stones - I know how challenging it can be to be young and overweight.

At the end of the day, though, its everyones individual choice - and like someone else said, doesn't really affect me that much.

LRO xx
I never judge anyone, I haven't the right to and also how can you know the person or their situation from seeing them.

Where I get involved is with someone who is big but has decided to be slim, then more than happy to get involved and help them help themselves get slim.

Ultimately if someone is big and happy then great, or slim and happy then great BUT being big and unhappy or slim and unhappy is where some people get to!



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You know I've never really thought about this. Sometimes I look at someone who is as big as me and wonder, " are they as unhappy as me about there weight" and sometimes I see bigger people who are so full of life that I am jealous. But i dont know if I judge. In general life, passing people in the street I tend not to take much notice, often off on my own wee world.
I don't judge big people but I judge the way they dress . some pple think being fat gives them the right to be untidy. I know it's wrong to judge but I can't help it. I like big pple to smell nice and look presentable.


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just a reply 2 thembie....i like fat and thin people 2 look presentable and 2 smell nice ,,just cos your ovaweight doesnt mean your a slob and smell!!! FAT AND THIN people smell if they dont wash makes no differnce wat u weigh


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i dont look at "big" people any differently than "small" people (fat or thin ) makes no difference 2 me its the person and wat they are like that matters 2 me. but i know there are a lot of people with strange ideas and opinions about people who are overweight. there are a lot of overweight people who are happy and content with there size but for the ones who are not judgment for there size only adds to the misery...
just a reply 2 thembie....i like fat and thin people 2 look presentable and 2 smell nice ,,just cos your ovaweight doesnt mean your a slob and smell!!! FAT AND THIN people smell if they dont wash makes no differnce wat u weigh
Perhaps you misunderstood what I was saying. I hate fat pple who don't take care of themselves coz they are fat. You can still dress nicely even if you are big.Soe pple seem to think that being big eans spending your day in jogging bottoms ,oversized tshirts,etc. I am a big and beautiful woman and I like looking nice. What i hate is seeing big pple who have given up on themselves.


always lurkin around!
i know wat your sayin thembie ...sorry if i misunderstood:) xx

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