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how do you work your daily points

in Italy we have a say, "have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper" and that's what I like to follow when I can. I have a big breakfast, 10 points, then I have 8 points for lunch and the remainder at dinner :). I know it's not exactly a "pauper" dinner having 11 pp, but it works for me, as I only have 30 mins lunch so there's a limit on what I can eat then ;)
np. I normally don't have inbetweeners because I don't have time for it. I'm a seller so I work with customers and have back-to-back appointments normally, so I can't get anything. But during the week end, or during my day off, I have fruit in between ;) 0 points ;)
B. I have weetabix 3 pp

L. pasta lf sauce salad 6 pp

D. Chicken stirfry 5 pp

Milk 5 pp

cheesy puff crisp 3 pp

22 but I have different lunches and dinners so it depends, I have a small breakfast as I know I need a bigger dinner xx
I just plan what meals i'll be eating weekly and pick and choose from the list. I dont have a morning snack, but i do have one between lunch and dinner(fruit and/or yoghurt). I personally think its good to have a fruit snack in between meals, then it leaves you with more points for meals.
I prefer to have a small ish breakfast (porridge on a week day, bacon or sausage on toast at weekend) a middle sized lunch then a bigger evening meal.

Was never one on old plan for snacking and old habbits die hard so I try to have a biscuit with my morning and afternoon brews in work!

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